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Hello, today we will read the biography of Shaheed Udham Singh. This article has been written by Shyamlal Ji. Before we know about Udham Singh, let us also know briefly about the Kavi of this article.

About the author – Shyamlal

Shyamlal ji was born in 1939 in Uttar Pradesh. He passed the examination of the degree in Sociology. For nearly 38 years, he served in various positions in Saakshar Niketan, Lucknow. In July 1999, he retired as Chairman in the Department of Curriculum and Materials Manufacturing.

His major published works are as follows::

Short novel: The same village, the darkness was sorted, the story of Tulsi Kaki, Sampatiya, those days are not far away, life continues to laugh.

Social novel. A Rakhi is a lamp, when the revolution is born, new path, dream will come true etc. Apart from these, about 15 stories and articles have been published in various journals and magazines. Their basic purpose is to serve the society and free writing.

In the biography of ‘Shaheed Udham Singh’, the author has highlighted the revolutionary Udham Singh who was martyred on the country. Because this scandal was connected to the Indian people, so only the blood of an Indian could be boiled.

Udham Singh made it the only goal of his life that he would eliminate those responsible for this massacre? Twenty-one years later, he executed his vow. Can’t we call this the vengeance of Udham Singh? This was his patriotism. He gave realization to the sensations of people across the country. We should bow down before such people who sacrificed the country.

Shaheed Udham Singh

Portrait of Shaheed Udham Singh (Picture of Shaheed Udham Singh)

Shaheed Udham Singh is an incident of April 13, 1919. That day was the holy festival of Baisakhi. On the same day a huge gathering was held at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar district of Punjab. There was an assembly to say, but it was a fair. About 20-25 thousand people, children, old men and women, had gathered. A 19-year-old man was also involved in them. His name was Sardar Udham Singh aka Sher Singh.

Two revolutionaries in the assembly – Dr. Satyapal and Dr. Saifuddin Kichlu were demanded for release. These revolutionaries were arrested by the British government on 11 April. There was a lot of tension in the area regarding this arrest.

The District Collector of Amritsar engaged the army to deal with the situation of tension. When Punjab Governor Sir Michael Dyer got the news of the gathering happening in Jallianwala Bagh, he sent Brigadier General Reginald E.H. Dyer was ordered to mount an army at Jallianwala Bagh. By General Dyer’s orders, the soldiers surrounded the garden. There was only one way to go to the garden. The other three sides had a high wall.

The garden was packed with crowds. Everyone was happy. The meeting was going on. A man was standing on the stage and giving a speech. Then General Dyer came towards the gathering from the gate. At his behest, the soldiers also stepped forward and pointed their guns towards the gathering. Papi Dyer ordered the soldiers to shoot. Thousands of people — children, old and young — were fueled by bullets just by blinking, blinking. No one found a way to escape. There was chaos all around. Rivers of blood flowed in the garden. There were piles of corpses. Sardar Udham Singh had climbed a tree and sat with his head hidden in the leaves. His life was saved.

His heart was shaken seeing this ruthless massacre. Whoever heard the story of him stood up. The whole city sinks in the ocean of sorrow. This was the biggest inhuman event in the world.

It is the law of the world that no force, whether police or army, can shoot like this without the permission of the first class judge. But there was no question of law. There was atrocity, there was inferiority of the British. General Dyer gave no warning there, did not ask the House to flee. Just started firing pills.

On seeing this massacre, Udham Singh’s blood boiled. He took a fierce vow to take revenge on those guilty of this massacre. The main culprits of this massacre were three people – one was Sir Michael Dyer, Governor of Punjab, second was Brigadier General EH Dyer and third was Lord Jet Land, Secretary of State for India. Udhamsingh pledged to put an end to these three… .. and after 21 years his pledge was fulfilled. All three went to their country England. One of them was dead. Two were killed there by Udham Singh. He was hanged only in England. Such a brave boy is neither born in the world, nor will he be born. This is the story of the son of the same brave adventurer Bharat Mata.

The story begins with a village in Sangrur district of Punjab province. The name of the village was Sunam. Udham Singh was born in 1899 AD in a raraib family of the same village. His father Tahal Singh was a watchman in the Railway Army. His mother’s name was Narayani Devi. Both husband and wife were very simple person. He had two sons. The elder’s name was Sadhosinh – younger than him was Udham Singh. Udham Singh’s childhood name was Sher Singh. Later became Udham Singh.

Udham Singh was a child of very fearless nature since childhood. Catapulting, hitting birds, digging pits and trapping animals, fighting wrestling were his childhood games. The childhood of such a promising child went through many troubles. His mother Narayani Devi died when he was two and a half years old. Thinking that the future of the children should not be disturbed, Tahlsingh did not marry another. He raised these children himself. He would do a government job and spend the rest of his time serving these children.

When the children were able to go to school, there was no school around, nor was there any school. There was a priest in the neighborhood. He was very kind. He promised to make these children fall. He used to come home every day and study. Seeing Udham Singh’s sharp intellect, he said to Tahlsingh one day, “Name these children in a good school. “

Listening to Panditji, Tahal Singh said, “I am very poor. How can I teach them in a good school? “

Panditji said, “Get your replacement done at a city station and manage the education of these children. “

On the advice of Pandit ji, Tahlsingh got his replacement Amritsar railway station. Started living there and wrote the names of both the children in a school. Both children started going to school.

it is said; When trouble comes, there is no chasing anywhere. One day, Tahal Singh also died suddenly. Both children were orphaned. Both were still ignorant. They did not know where to go and what to do. No relatives were also useful. Tahlsingh was cremated by people from nearby neighborhood. That night both the children continued to sit in the house. No one knows when they must have slept.

The next day, one of his school teachers, Pt. Jayachandra Sharma arrived. He adored both children. He wiped his tears and himself became so sad that his eyes were filled with tears. He thought, who will see these orphans now? With whom will they live? Who will give them food and water? Thinking all this, he got both the children admitted to an orphanage.

Both children kept coming to school from the orphanage. Pandit Sharma remained unending love for him. But the bad luck did not stop them. Sadho Singh got pneumonia and one day he too went to heaven. Now Udham Singh is left alone. You can think, what would have passed on that child, whose childhood was deserted from all sides. One brother left, he also left.

Now Udham Singh was destitute. Was an orphan. He had no one in the world. If there was any then Ishwar and Pt. Jayachandra Sharma, Sharma ji became the support of Udham Singh. Some days he kept them at his house. He kept arranging his studies.

Thus, Udham Singh’s childhood was spent in deprivation and severe troubles. He became a teenager while living in an orphanage. Jayachandra Sharma was his true guru. He got his fatherly affection and received the greatest education, patriotism. Madanlal Dhingra had the most influence on him, Mangal Pandey’s character also influenced him. Udhamsingh got in touch with revolutionaries due to Sharma ji and he got involved in revolutionary activities.

At that time, the flame of revolution was burning all around. The British government was engaged in crushing the Indian leaders. Many leaders were hanged! Many were punished for black water.

On 13 April 1919, the Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place. Udham Singh vowed to take revenge on the killers guilty of this incident. He soon became impatient to sentence them to death.

Meanwhile, a committee was sent from England to investigate the murder. It was called the Hunter Commission. An Englishman named Hunter was its president. The Hunter Committee convicted General O Dyer and Sir Michael Dyer. After this both of them were fired. He moved back to England.

When the news of his departure to England came to be known to Udham Singh, his heart was lost. He became restless. He could not sleep at night. When the anxiety grew more, one day he left the orphanage. One of his relatives got a job in a motor garage. He learned to drive there. Learned motor cabana. Now he became a firm driver.

A few days later, he left the job of a motor garage and moved to Saharanpur. Worked as a driver there, but for a few days. Then came to Lucknow. Got a job with a talukdar there. He learned shooting at the talukedar itself. Learned to shoot. After six months, I also quit my job.

From Lucknow he moved to Meerut. Got a job in a hotel there. He returned to Amritsar a few days later. From there he moved to Lahore. He passed the High School and Inter examinations in Lahore itself. He collected a lot of money while doing business and employment. He had just one tune – go to England and kill those sinners. But he did not have enough money to go to England. But kept on trying to go.

Udham Singh was just about to leave for England when one day he suddenly found in the newspaper that Brigadier General EH Dyer, the killer of Jallianwala Bagh, died in London due to prolonged illness. After reading this news, Udham Singh got a great shock. The one whom he wanted to kill himself died. They thought – no problem. Right now the real killer Michael O Dyer is alive. They decided to kill him.

In those days, he met an Indian who lived in Africa and did business. He moved with him to Africa and started working with him. The same merchant took him to America. He stayed in America for a few days. Returned to Africa again from USA and returned to Punjab a few days later. There was no way to go to England. Then in 1913 he moved to America with the same businessman but had to come back to India again.

In the movement of the country and abroad, Udham Singh got in touch with many revolutionaries. He was secretly involved in their activities. He was arrested by the British Government in 1928. He was sentenced to 4 years.

He somehow reached London in 1933 after serving his sentence. In London ‘he changed his name to Udesingh. Now he followed Michaels on Dyer and Lord Jet Land. Just looking for opportunity. After all, such a moment came when both of them came together in a prom. It was the day of March 13, 1940. On that day Udham Singh went to the prom and sat in the costume of the lawyer. Dyer started giving speeches. Openly evil of Indians in speech.

As soon as he finished the speech, Udham Singh rose, took out his pistol and shot Michael O Dyer. Killed several pills continuously. Turning back, he also shot Sir Jet Land sitting nearby. There was a stampede in the prom. If he wanted, Udham Singh also escaped from there, but he did not run. After a while he was arrested. The next day this news appeared in all the newspapers of the world. The revolutionaries of India celebrated a lot of happiness. The roots of the British government were shaken by this incident. After 21 years, the fierce promise of Udham Singh was fulfilled.

Udham Singh was tried in a London court and was hanged. On 31 July 1940, this lion of India was hanged on the gallows.

Where his funeral took place, the British government kept it secret. On July 19, 1974, Udham Singh’s remains were brought from England to India at the request of the Government of India. He was taken to his village Sunam. After that it flowed into the Ganges at Haridwar. In this way the story of his life came to an end.

The kind of sacrifice that Udham Singh made for the independence of the country is an ideal in the world. This country will always be indebted to this heroic son of his, who was born only for the independence of the country. The name of the son of such a great patriot, Mother India, will always be immortal. As long as this sky remains, the moon and stars will remain, this earth will remain.

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