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It is very important to have unity in diversity (Anekta Me ekta or Unity in Diversity). In this article, we have made for you an essay on the subject of unity in diversity. (Unity in Diversity essay in English or Anekta me ekta essay in English)

Unity in diversity

Role: – Our country’s name is India. All of us living in this country are Indians. In our country there are people who believe in many religions. All religions have their own principles. But the goal of all religions is the attainment of God and spiritual peace.

Let us say that the paths are different, but the destination is one. From this statement, it is completely clear that there is unity in diversity in our India. Or we or say that all of us Indians have many types of flowers, but the garden which we call India is one.

Province: – In our India, Kashmir, Punjab, Odisha, Bengal, Himachal, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra and Arunachal are many provinces. All these provinces are flowers of a garland, but the garland that we call India is one.

Language: – In our country, Hindi, Urdu Oriya, Bangla, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu Malayalam, Kannada, Assamese, Marathi etc. are spoken in many languages. All these languages ​​carry our emotions to each other, but the feeling is one. That is why we are all Indians and India is our country.

Food and drink: – The food and living of all Indians is different and different from each other. Our joys, fairs, festivals, festivals, festivals are all different. Not only this, the dress of all of us is also different from each other, that is, it is different, but we all have one soul.

People of many religions: – Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Jains, Parsis etc. people of many castes live in our country of India. We all meet each other in a loving manner and live together in mutual cooperation. Each other’s happiness and sorrow are shared. We are all the stars of the eyes of Mother India. We are all different philosophies, religions, but we are all human. That is why we all have one humanity. We are all Indians and India is our one country.

Epilogue: – In this country of ours there are trickling rivers. Many types of birds chirp. Remember that the country never gets divided due to the many forms. Our attire (food and drink), standard of living, language and theology are different, but our country is one. It is clear from this that there is unity in diversity in our India.

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