UP CM Yogi Adityanath announces New Biggest film city in Noida

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There will be a lot in Yogi’s ‘Film City’, will create new identity of Uttar Pradesh

In order to promote tourism in Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi government has ordered a new film city to be built on 1000 acres on the Yamuna Expressway. Apart from Film City, hotels, restaurants and amusement parks and other things will also be built here.

Yogi Adityanath announced the creation of a new film city on the Greater Noida Yamuna Expressway. For the production of this film city, 1000 acres of land will be given to Yogi. The film city is to be built along the Yamuna Expressway. It is believed that it will become India’s largest film city, in which all kinds of facilities will be provided.

This announcement by CM Yogi will give a big boost to the tourism industry in Uttar Pradesh as well as create new employment opportunities for millions of people, which will create new employment opportunities for the people of Uttar Pradesh.

The location of this film city is very impressive

The film city has been announced for the purpose of applying new wings to tourism industry and artists in Uttar Pradesh. If you look at its location and connectivity, then this place is fantastic. Jewar International Airport is being built near the Yamuna Expressway.

Although its functioning is not yet started, but it is set to be done. And as soon as possible, it will be completed by 2023. It is expected to be built by Yamuna Expressway directly to Agra and then to Agra-Lucknow Taj Expressway which is about 300 km long which makes the location of this feel city even more spectacular. The distance between Noida to Lucknow is 500 km which can be completed within 5 hours with the help of Yamuna Expressway (Taj Expressway). In such a situation, it is also a great place for an on location shoot, which is very spectacular for a project like Film City.

Along with Film City, Amusement Park is also

Along with the Film City in Yamuna Expressway, there will be very luxurious and big amusement parks, hotels, restaurants. This film city has to be designed keeping in mind the Ramoji Film City located in Hyderabad, where people go for a ticket after cutting. And a great tourist destination for their entertainment

Where the film city is to be built there, its connectivity will be excellent as the airport is nearby. There is a great opportunity for Bollywood as well as other cinema including Bhojpuri. Talk of nepotism is coming out in Mumbai Bollywood. If there is truth in this, the creation of this film city will reduce the struggle for local artists.

The economy of Uttar Pradesh will improve

In the coming few years, when there will be a stir in the Film City, the hotel and hospitality industry will boom along the Yamuna Expressway. This will also provide employment to lakhs of people and the surrounding areas have a fixed method. In future, there is every possibility that thousands of restaurants will open on both sides of Yamuna Expressway from Noida to Agar and people of Delhi-NCR will go for outing. And entertain, which will bring happiness in this area, which is now seen in Mumbai

This is sure to benefit the economy of the state of excitement. Because millions of people will get the means of employment. The tourism industry in Mathura, Vrindavan, Ayodhya will also be boosted due to the increase in tourism in the vicinity of Yamuna Expressway, which will bring happiness to the people of the state and the state.

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