US Election 2020: Not ready to accept Donald Trump, Barack Obama gave such advice

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Obama alleged that under the trump, the White House is refusing to release general funds and facilities for the upcoming administration. Confidential security information is not being given to Biden who won the election, as was given to Trump when he was the elected President.

Washington: Former US President Barack Obama has said that the time has come for US President Donald Trump to accept that he is his Democratic Party rival Joe Biden. We have lost because there is no scope for change in the results of elections.

Disturbances during elections in all states: Trump

Trump received 232 electoral college votes. He has challenged the election results in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia and Arizona, rejecting the defeat. Simultaneously, a re-census has been demanded in Wisconsin. Trump has alleged that there have been disturbances during elections in all these states. Biden received 306 votes out of 538 electoral college votes, which is much higher than the required number of 270.

Trump had to accept defeat: Obama

In an interview, Obama said, “I believe Trump had to accept defeat – probably a day after the election or two days later.” If you look at the figures, you will find that Biden has registered an easy victory. There is no possibility of change in the results of these states so that the result of the election results can be reversed.

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