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How to remove the virus from the memory card, have viruses come in your SD card and do you want to remove them, then today we will tell you how to remove the virus from the memory card. Whenever we put the camera or phone’s SD card in the computer, shortcuts are seen when the card file is opened.

If this is happening then a virus has arrived on your card. Which you should remove as soon as possible. If you have a computer, you can remove the virus from the card through commands and some software, but if you do not have a computer, you have to do this work on the mobile. So here we are going to tell you the methods of both computer and mobile.

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How to remove virus from memory card

Let me tell you that most of the viruses in the memory card come during internet browsing or downloading, so whenever you are browsing or downloading on the Internet, you should be a little cautious. You can remove these viruses in many ways, in which there are some ways which you may have difficulty in understanding.

So here we will tell you the easiest way. If you have a PC or laptop, you will need a software for this, while you will need an app to remove viruses from mobile. So let’s know how to do this.

How to remove a virus from a memory card with the help of a computer, you can remove a virus from a memory card by using a command in the computer, but this method is quite complicated, it can remove the virus for some time, but in this way the virus comes back

Therefore you should take help of software for this. You can do this task very easily with the help of software. To delete the shortcut virus, shortcut files and folders, you need to download a software of 3 to 4 MB. The name of this software is SOS Virus, which you can easily download by searching on Google. If you want, you can download and install this software from here too.

Download SOS Virus Software

After installing this software, insert memory card in your computer. Now open the software, you will see many options on its homepage.

If you want to wipe the virus all the way from your memory card, then click on Run Analysis option.

Now you click on scan usb disks. As soon as you click on it, this software will start scanning the shortcut viruses, shortcut files and folders available in your memory card.

After some time all the viruses will come from your pen drive or memory card from where you can delete them. How to remove the memory card virus with the help of mobile, in this you can only fix the SD card installed in the mobile, this will not fix the memory card of the camera.

So for this you have to install an app from PlayStore on your mobile called Security Master, Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster. It is also known as CM Security. By the way, there are many apps in Playstore that work to remove virus from SD card, but Security Master is the best among them because it is quite easy to use.

Talking about this app, it has been downloaded more than 100 million times so far, it has got a great rating of 4.7 from the people using it. When you open this app, its homepage will appear like the image above. In this, you get many different features, which is something like this.

  1. Virus Scan :: If your phone or memory card has viruses, then this feature is going to be very useful when you click on it, it will scan all the viruses present in your phone or memory card and bring it to you after that. Can be deleted.
  2. Junk file :: When you click on the clean junk file of this app, it will delete all the junk files in your phone. A junk file is a file that is rarely used. In this case, this file takes the form of junk.
  3. CPU Cooler :: If your mobile gets hot in some time, with the help of CPU cooler of this app, you can normalize your phone.
  4. Phone Boost :: If your mobile hangs or the speed of the phone is slow, then you can increase the speed of your mobile by clicking on this phone boost.
  5. App Lock :: With this app, apart from removing viruses and junk files, you can lock any app in the mobile. You will not need any other app to lock the app, you can do this work with the help of this app. There are more features in this app that you can know after installing this app.

So now you must know how to remove the virus from the memory card. Both of the above mentioned methods are quite easy. If you have a computer, you can do it very easily with the help of software, but if the computer is not there, then your mobile is also your Can help you to install CM Security app in mobile when you scan on it, it will bring all the viruses in your memory card in front of you, after which you can delete the virus.

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