What is a PhD and how to do it?


It is everyone’s dream to be successful in their life. Everyone wants to get a good and honest job. For this you have to do good courses. One of these courses is the PhD course. Today we are going to tell completely about what is PhD here.

If you do any course, then it is very important for you to have complete knowledge about it. What is this course? What is the benefit of doing it, how is it done and what are its fees? It is necessary to be aware of all these.

Today we are going to tell you about a popular course in this post, which is named PhD Course. In this post, we will tell you complete information about PhD Kya Hai and PhD Course Details in simple words. Here we will tell you all the information about PhD ki Jankari that you need to know and you want to know like –

What is PhD (PhD Information in Hindi)
phd full form name
How to do PhD (PhD Kaise Kare)
When can I do PhD?
Qualification for PhD
PhD Course Details (PhD in Hindi)
PhD Process
PhD Admission
How many years is the PhD (PhD Kitne Year ki Hoti Hai)
How much is the fee of PhD (PhD Ki Fees Kitni Hai)
PhD subjects

So let’s know about PhD in these easy steps.

What is a PhD and how to do it – PhD Kya hai

What is PhD course?

The full form of PhD is Doctor of Philosophy. You must have seen that there are many people who are not medical doctors, yet they have a doctor in front of their name. In fact, he must have done a PhD course. For this reason, in front of his name, Dr. It seems.

PhD is a doctoral degree, it is a higher level degree. Doing a PhD is not an easy task. If you are pursuing PhD Course then you cannot take PhD Admission in a direct way. First of all you have to complete school and college. Only after doing this you can apply for PhD.

If you want to become a professor in a university or college or want to do further research, then you need to do a PhD course. In PhD degree, you have to study a particular subject. Then when you get complete knowledge of that subject and you become expert in that subject then you are given PhD degree. Then you can also put Dr. in front of your name.

To do a PhD degree, you must have a master’s degree in the subject in which you are interested. If you will get good marks in that subject then you will get more benefit. Let us tell you for ease that in the subject in which you are interested, you should complete 12th and graduation in that subject itself. This will make it very easy for you to do Ph D further. If you successfully do your PhD degree then you will start getting many benefits in the public sector.

Now this question must be coming in your mind that how long is a PhD course (PhD Kitne Saal ki Hai). Let us tell you that the course of PhD is of three years. This course is a high level course which is not an easy task to do. This course can also be called Ph.D or PhD. After doing this course, we can add the title of Dr. in front of our name.

How long is a PhD course? (PhD Kitne Saal Ka Hota Hai)

It may take 3 years of all of you to do PhD i.e. we mean to say that it will take you 3 years to do PhD.

While doing PhD, this facility is also given that we can finish this 3-year course for 6 years. In doing this course, we get to research every topic in detail, due to which our root becomes very strong and we are able to solve any topic very easily.

Qualification for Ph.D.

You must have qualification for PhD which is as follows:

You must have a bachelor’s degree to do a PhD.
Along with having a bachelor’s degree, it is very important to have a master’s degree, that too with 55% or 60% marks. These percentages may vary from university to university.

For PhD admission you have to pass an entrance exam with good marks.

Benefits of doing PhD (PhD Karne Ke Fayde)

After doing PhD, your name is followed by the name of the doctor. This increases your personality even more.

After doing PhD course you will become expert in your field.
If you have a PhD degree then you can easily get appointed as a professor in a college or university and your chances of getting the job increase even more.
After doing PhD, you can decide for yourself right or wrong in your field.
If you do PhD then you will also be called Creator of information.
After doing PhD you can apply for any post in your area.
After PhD, you can do research and analysis on your subject.

How to do PhD (PhD Kaise Ki Jati Hai)

To do any kind of degree you need to be 12th pass. For this, when you pass 10th, then after that you should choose the same subject, in which subjects you want to do PhD, you have to study well in your 11th and 12th in these subjects and get as many good marks as possible. To pass together. The higher your marks, the more you will be able to do PhD in future and it will help.

When you have completed your 12th. Then give entrance exam for the subject you are interested in and complete this entrance exam. Then after that complete your graduation. You have to pass with good marks as possible. The higher the marks, the easier the path to PhD will be for you.

When your graduation is completed then you have to apply for post graduation. The subject in which you have done graduation, if you do your master’s degree in that subject itself, then it will be easy for you. Keep in mind that you have to score at least 60% in your bachelor’s and master’s degree so that there is no problem for further entrance exam.

Post Graduation is completed then you now have to give UGC NET Test and it is very important for you to clear it. You can also take coaching for this exam. This entrance exam is a bit difficult. UGC NET Exam was not earlier. But now clearing it has been made mandatory for doing PhD.

If you clear this exam then you become eligible for PhD. Now you can take admission in PhD by clearing the entrance exam of the college or university in which you want to do PhD.

How much is the PhD fee?

After knowing the information of PhD, this question must have come in your mind that how much is the fee of PhD (PhD Ki Fees Kitni Hai). The fees for PhD of every college and university are different, it depends on that college itself. But on an average PhD fees can be around 30 to 40 thousand a year. It takes 3 years to do a PhD. This course takes place in the semester, in which there are practical exams and theory exams.

How many subjects are there in PhD?

Here we are telling some popular PhD Subjects. Most of the people prefer to do PhD in these subjects.

Phd in Physics
Phd in Engineering
Phd in Mathematics
Phd in Finance & Economics
Phd in Psychology
PhD In Management

Apart from these, you can also do PhD in Hindi, English, Home Science, Agriculture, History, Fine Arts, Surgery, Geography, Geology, Accounting, Biochemistry, Pharmacy.

PhD from Economics subject can be done easily

Yes, friends, all of you are listening absolutely right. If you also want to do PhD from Economics subject, then you can do PhD very easily. But to do PhD you need to be very sharp minded. Because doing a PhD is not an easy task, it takes a sharp mind and concentration to do a PhD.

Economics subject is also as important as any other subject. Because through which subject it is studied for banks and if you do PhD from the subject in your account, then the chances of job in banks increase.

Advantages of doing PhD with Economics subject

There are many benefits of doing PhD in Economics subject, which are mentioned below as follows. Let’s know:

By doing PhD from Economics subject, the job chances of all of you will increase significantly in government sectors as well as private sectors.
By doing PhD from Economics subject, all of you will be able to apply for many financial companies.
By doing PhD from Economics subject, all of you can also become an IAS officer.
After doing PhD from the subject, the chances of all of you increase a lot in job related tasks and banks from the bank.

If you become an economist after doing PhD from Economics subject, then you are given a salary ranging from ₹ 30000 to lakhs of rupees.

How to Prepare for PhD (PhD ki Taiyari Kaise Kare)

PhD Kya Hai Now you must have come to know about this. Now you have to keep some special things in mind while preparing for Ph.D. This will help you a lot in doing PhD.

Buy all the earlier papers and analyze those papers. By which you will get to know the PhD paper pattern and know what type of questions are asked in PhD?
You take the help of those who have done PhD earlier and always stay in touch with them.
If your subject is related to Current Affairs then you should take help of newspaper and always read Current Affairs.
Always have a desire to know about the subject of your PhD.

what to do after phd

If you do a PhD course, then many jobs and work avenues open up in your future. You can get jobs anywhere.

You can make your future in the field of education.
You can work in medical research.
If you do PhD in Chemistry then you can work in chemical research center.
If you do PhD in Nutrition then you can get job in Scientific Advisor.
Apart from these, you can also work in the field related to your subject.

What is PhD Full Form?
PhD full form is Doctor of Philosophy.

What are the subjects in PhD?
You can do PhD in subjects like Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Finance and Economics, Psychology, Management, Hindi, English, Home Science, Agriculture, History, Fine Arts, Surgery, Geography, Geology, Accounting, Biochemistry, Pharmacy etc.

What is PhD called in Hindi?
PhD is called Doctor of Philosophy in Hindi.

How long is a PhD course?
PhD is a 3 year course.

How much is the fee for PhD
The fees for PhD of every college and university are different, it depends on that college itself. But on an average PhD fees can be around 30 to 40 thousand a year.

What is the qualification required for PhD?
To do PhD, you need to have a bachelor’s and master’s degree (with 55% or 60% marks) and then pass an entrance exam for PhD admission with good marks.

In which class of graduation the percentage should be above 55%?
Your graduation percentage should be above 55% in both graduation and post graduation. Otherwise your selection will not be possible for PhD.

Which subject to choose in PhD to become an astronaut?
To become an astronaut, in PhD, all of you should do PhD under aerospace engineering and you should also use the same subject.

Can anyone apply for PhD without clearing UGC NET?
Yes. You all can apply for PhD. But finding a school for a PhD would be extremely difficult. Because NET qualified students are first selected for doing PhD. In such a situation, if there is a seat left then only you can be selected.

Can I get admission in PhD without clearing NET?
Without clearing NET, all of you can get admission in PhD. But no one will take any guarantee of getting admission. Because when students who have cleared NET are not able to get admission in PhD just because they are full, then without clearing NET, it is very difficult for people to get admission in PhD. If you really want to do PhD then you have to clear NET. Otherwise you wait till your admission is done.

Can one apply for PhD without final result?
No. If you do not have final result then you will not be able to apply for PhD. Because while applying for PhD, your final result will be asked from you and if you do not have the result then you will not be able to apply for PhD.

Can we b.a. Less than 50% in M.A. and M.A. Can I do PhD with 60% marks?
No. If your b.a. If you have less than 50% marks then you cannot do PhD. For doing PhD your b.a. Must have more than 55% marks.

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