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Today we will talk about a subject that most girls like to go, but now it is not that only girls take this subject, there are many such boys who like to take biology subject. If you too what is Biology (Biology Details) or how to leave a career in Biology (Biology me Career Kaise Bnaye), today I am going to give complete information about this.

Friends, today we are going to talk about science, today there are many things between us, science works to give us information about all those things. It is like: – Our going from one place to another, making the earth circle around the sun is the science behind every task, out of that one Biology subject will also know about it today.

In today’s time many students are like this; Those who, despite knowing their choice, prefer to walk in the crowd of people and in such a situation, they do not know their interest and start doing what. If you are also among them and you have a lot of interest in biology subject and still you are confused how to make your future under it? How to do Biology? (Biology Kaise Kare) So today I am going to tell you about this. After which if you have interest in this subject then you will never back down from it.

What is Biology (Biology Details)

Biology is a branch of science. Under which we study living beings.

Biology is made up of two words Bio & logy.
Bio means life and Logy means study.
In simple language, biology means; study of life.

The term biology was first used by Lamarcus and his team. Which was started by the scientist in 1801.

Biology i.e. biology was developed in the form of knowledge in a systematic manner only during the time of the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle. He was the first to express his views about the different aspects of the life of plants and animals and presented different types of presentation to us. That is why Aristotle is also considered the father of biology. We know it as the father of zoology.

Biology is mainly divided into two branches:-

  1. Zoology science
  2. Botany Science

And the living beings have been classified into five kingdoms by Whittaker in 1969 AD. which is like this:-

  1. Creature
  2. fungus
  3. plant
  4. protista
  5. Monera

1 animal (zoology):-

It includes all the multicellular animal queens of the world. Also known as Motojou.

2 Fungus:-

Whatever living being is there, I am nourished by absorption. Those creatures fall into this category. They are parasites or death parasites. Its cell wall is made of writing.

3 Plant:-

There are many such organisms in this world which are colorful and multicellular and produce themselves through photosynthesis. All those creatures fall into this category.

4 Protista:-

There are so many different types of unicellular in this world before let’s get creative. It is of two types: – First those which are well nourished in the sunlight and secondly, the protozoa usually come under it, which are nourished in the absence of light.

5 Monera :-

It includes all natural organisms i.e. bacteria. called fibrous bacteria; Which is part of the world itself.

10th Ke Bad Biology:-

Whenever we are class X excitement, the biggest confusion in our mind is that which subject we should choose after this. If you have interest in biology subject and you want to do further studies with biology subject then you can easily choose biology after 10th without worrying. When you take biology after 10th class then you have to study following subjects along with biology like:-

  1. Chemistry
  2. the physics
  3. Hindi
  4. English

If you choose biology after class 10th, then first you study the subjects of your interest and you will be able to do well in that field.

Apart from this, if you have this in your mind that you can now choose Biology and stay confined to the medical field only, it is not so. Apart from this, you can also prepare for the competition exam. If you want, you can also prepare for Police Bank or other government jobs.

Apart from government jobs, you can also find jobs in pharma, research food products, agriculture sector, etc. If you have an interest in the medical field; Only then you can get a job under Biology subject after taking it in class 10th.

12th Ke Bad Biology:-

If you have studied with Maths subject after 10th class or you have studied with Biology subject and you are confused that what should we do after class 12th, then first of all you should keep your goal in mind.

If you do not want to become a doctor after 2 years i.e. you do not have any interest to come in the medical field, then your taking biology is pointless.

If you want to make your future bright and secure and you want to get into the medical field, then Biology is the best subject for you.

Which you can take after 12th class; After 12th you have to first prepare for NEET exam and perform well in it. For which you will take at least 1 to 2 years to prepare and you will have to work very hard during this time; Because only by working hard you will be able to pass this exam.

In this very few children are able to select in it. That is why if you want to do class 12th in biology field then you have to prepare better for this exam.

Apart from this, if you do not want to come in this field as a doctor, then after class XII, you have many more options in front of you like ANM, GNM (ANM and GNM) forms are taken out. For which you have to give entrance exam. By clearing it you can become a nurse by doing GNM, ANM course.

MBBS in Bio after 12th:-

If you are absolutely sure after class XII that you want to become a doctor, then first you have to set the goal that you will have to do MBBS course for that. Only then will you be called a better doctor, that is, only then will you be able to get the title of doctor.

If you want to become a doctor then the first option you have is to do MBBS course, but doing this course is very difficult; Because for this you have to give entrance exam and if you get good marks in it. Only then you can get the best college.

From where you want to do MBBS. If you have scored good marks in 12th then you have to give NEET exam for admission in MBBS course. After this, on the basis of your marks, you get a best college.

But for this you need to work very hard. Only then you can get a great and good college. Let us tell you that MBBS course is of 5 years. After that there is also an internship in your last year; Which is 1 year old. For which you have to work very hard. Then you can become a great doctor.

Graduation in Biology:-

If you want to make a better future in the field of biology, then you can do BSc Biology course in Biology. After which you can do B.Sc Biology or Nursing course from any recognized school after class XII. This course is of 3 years duration. After doing this course, there are many job options in the employment area. like:-

  1. Hospitals and Health Treatment Centers
  2. genetic research clinical research
  3. Biotechnology Form And Medical
  4. Agriculture Research Plant
  5. botanical survey

If you do graduation in biology, then you can also get jobs in various fields. like :-

  1. lab technician
  2. medical officer
  3. quality control exit
  4. Farming Consultant
  5. cleaning process associate
  6. plant researcher
  7. environmental consultant
  8. biology research
  9. Forester
  10. Taxonomist ….etc.

Conclusion ::

I just want to say this in the last words that if you want to make a career in Biology subject, then you can do it, just for this you will have to work a little harder. Because this is such a field in which you have to know about everything in detail. In today’s article I told you What is Biology? (What is Biology) How to do Biology? (How to do Biology Subject Course) Told you in this context and hope that you must have got complete information related to Biology by reading this article of ours.

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