What is computer and its basic knowledge

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What is computer: Hello friends, in the present time computer is being used very fast by all the people of this whole world and every person is connected to computer in some way or the other. The smart phone we use is also a computer in a way and every portable device, small to big, depends on the technology of the computer.

With the advancement of technology, whatever things are being made in this field, they are completely based on computers. Today we have presented you with complete information about computer (What is Computer).

Every day many people search on the internet to know about computer and you go to such a website, where you get very complicated articles.

But in this article written by us, you will get to know all the information about the subject of computer, which is very important.

What is computer and its basic knowledge

what is Computer? (what is computer)

Computer is an electronic device, which provides us with output data when input is given by the user. The computer shows us the same data that we input into the computer. The computer presents the data to all of us in the form of results according to our inputs.

In other words, we can also do that computer is such an electronic device, which provides data by searching all the instructions given by the user very simply and accurately. A computer can only show you what is already entered into it and other than that the computer cannot show you anything.

If you use the Internet in a computer, then you may get to see information about other data in addition to the data stored in the computer. But this information is also stored by someone on the Internet.

Computer has become so much prevalent in the present time that every person is connected with computer and there are many people who make their income by using computer. Computers have the ability to store and simultaneously retrieve and process them. The computer provides us with the output data because of its capability.

At present, many such computers have been made, which are very fast and they will convert your given instructions into your information in no time.

You can also use the computer to type documents, send email, play games, and use a web browser. At present, computers are also being used for creating spreadsheets, presentations and videos.

How does a computer work?

Present-day model computers have many such parts, which make a computer special. But even without these things we can operate the computer. But we must have some essential things mentioned below and without the things mentioned below we will not be able to access the computer.

Some of them are very important, such as input devices, output devices, CPUs, storage devices, etc.

Input Device:: It is the most important device of the computer, through which we enter our data into the computer. The devices which are used to enter data in the computer are called input devices.

Example: keyboard, mouse etc.

Output device: After searching the input, the places from which the computer shows us our data or provides it in the form of a list, those devices are called output devices.

Example: Printer and Monitor.

CPU: The most important part to operate the computer is the CPU. Whatever purposes are given to operate any work in the computer, they are all controlled by the CPU, that is why the CPU is also called the brain of the computer.

Storage Device: After the CPU, the brain of the computer is the most important part, then it is the storage device of the computer. If the storage device in the computer is less, then you will be able to store any data in the computer in a limited amount. If your computer’s storage data is very high, then you will be able to store all your data in it in a more limited way.

Example:: Hard Disk and SSD Drive

What is the full form of computer?

The full form of computer is very simple and it denotes different things:

C: commonly
O: operated
M: machine
P: particularity
U: used for
T: technical and
E: educational
R: research

Computer search

The father of computer is Charles Babbage. It was Charles Babbage who created the Analytical Engine in 1837 AD. The computer was being controlled through the Analytical Engine, for this reason Charles Babbage came to be called the father of the computer.

Designed by Charles Babbage, the engine of this computer was notably the use of ALU, best flow control and integrated memory, which were largely functional.

Due to this important contribution of Charles Babbage, the computer was built. This engine, built by Charles Babbage, proved to be very useful for building the computer.

History of computer

The system is known about the discovery of the computer, which took place in 1837 AD. But when was the development of computer started? There is no specific opinion on this matter.

But the development of computer has been divided by generation, till now the computer has been divided and modified till about 5 generations.

Where is the fourth generation computer being called modern computer and fifth generation computer is going to be ultra advanced computer. It is being said that the fifth generation computer will do all the work by itself, you just have to tell it once.

Let us get detailed information about all these generation computers.

first generation computers

The invention of the first generation computer started in 1940 AD. In the first generation computers, vacuum tube circuits and magnetic drums were used in place of memory. The first generation computers were very large in size, due to which it was very difficult to carry them from one place to another.

Not only this, a lot of energy was required to run the first generation computer. This computer used to generate a lot of heat due to being big, due to which it also locked it many times. Due to being so large in size and generating so much heat, the production of this computer was stopped in the year 1956 AD.

second generation computers

The second generation computer was invented in 1956 AD. In the second generation computers, transistors were used in place of vacuum tubes to reduce the size. Transistors were much smaller in size than vacuum tubes and were also much faster.

The second generation computers used to consume much less electricity than the first generation computers and also generated much less heat than the first generation computers. Even after making all these improvements, the problem of heat still remained in it, due to which its production was also stopped in the year 1963 AD.

third generation computers

The invention of the third generation computer started in the year 1963 AD. In the third generation computers, integrated circuits were used in place of transistors. Small ships of transistors, called semiconductors, were used to make integrated circuits in third generation computers.

Its use had the advantage that the processing system of the computer became much faster and its storage capacity also increased a lot.

The third generation computer was the first computer to use a monitor keyboard and operating system. Yes, there were some errors in it too, due to which this computer had to be discontinued in the year 1971 AD, because it was not being sold.

fourth generation computers

The invention of the fourth generation computer started in the year 1971. The fourth generation computer is popular as the modern computer of the present time. Microprocessors began to be used in fourth generation computers. In place of the memory card in this computer, a silicon chip was made by combining many integrated circuits, which was updated in this computer.

The advantage of this was that the size of the computer became much smaller. Even now this computer will be easily available to any person in the market. In this generation computer, you used to get the holidays of its monitor, due to which its monitor was changed. The generation time of this computer lasted till 1985.

fifth generation computers

Fifth generation computers are being made since the year 1950 AD. The only purpose of making such a computer is that we have to ask only once to do any work and it can do our work very easily.

However, this work has also been done. At present, many such robots have been made, which can do all the work only on our request. These robots are called fifth generation computers.

Hardware and software required for computer

You all must be aware that some necessary hardware and software are required for the smooth functioning of the computer.

With the help of these hardware and software, a computer runs very conveniently without any interruption. So let’s know, what are these hardware and software:


Software is a set of tools that tell hardware what it is supposed to do and how to do it. In general, computer software is such a digital product, which is only visible to us, we cannot touch them. Software means a collection of different types of code.


The parts of the computer that we can touch and see are called hardware. This includes Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, etc.

In other words, hardware is called those, through which we input data into the computer. Let us get detailed information about the hardware of the computer.


Keyboard is an input device of the computer, we enter the computer by typing any data through the country. The keyboard has been made so modern in the present time that the keyboards that are being used in the present time also have multifunctional buttons.

Along with this, the keyboard of the computer has also been made wireless, there will be no need for wire, it will work completely on WiFi technology.


However, at present, many such features have been updated in the computer, using which we can open any software without using the mouse. But including many such software and programs which we cannot open without the help of mouse.

Mouse is considered an important part of computer. It is also an input device, which is used to input data into the computer.


CPU is a very important part of the computer. A computer is incomplete without a CPU, that is, a computer cannot run without a CPU. All the programs used in the computer are stored in the CPU itself.

The instructions for any work to be done in the computer are given by the CPU itself. This instruction is given by the CPU only when we input our data through keyboard or mouse. The CPU is called the brain of the computer.


Monitor is the most important part of computer after CPU. Because if there is no monitor then no work can be done even if there is a CPU. A computer is considered complete only when the monitor as well as all the other parts are attached together.

Monitor is used to show any activity. It is only through the monitor that we are able to see all our data.

type of computer

There would be many people who would have thought of personal computer as soon as they heard the name of computer. But let us tell that there are many types of computers. Computers have been given different names because of their size and shape. Many computers are described below, which are as follows:


It is a computer which we can use only by installing it at one place in our house. Such computers are not portable, that is, they cannot be easily carried from one place to another. Their size is a bit big, due to which they cannot be carried anywhere easily.

Many parts are required to make a desktop computer, such as keyboard, computer case, mouse, monitor, etc.

server computer

All of us must have considered the server as an Internet platform till now, but it is also called a type of computer. Because when we want to exchange any of our information, we have to use web server, this web server is called server computer.


It is a computer that we can use at any place and at any time. Laptop is also called portable computer that means you can take this laptop anywhere, that too very easily.

The size of this computer is much less than that of a desktop computer. You can use the laptop very easily for those tasks, which are done in the computer.


As you all know laptop is also a computer, just a small version of it is tablet. Whatever work you can do on a laptop, you can also do it through a tablet.

Where laptops used to be portable, tablets are handheld computers. All of us can do all the work through a tablet, which is done in a laptop or computer.

What is the use of computer?

At present, computer is used by the students to further their education.
Computers are also being used very fast in scientific fields. However, computers were used only for scientists.
Computers are also being used in the fields of health and medicine at present. With the use of computers, people advertise their medicines and also sell their products in the market.
Computers are being used a lot in the business sector. You will get to see computers in any business company. In the field of business, people share their data with each other using computers.
At present, the government is focusing only on the development of computers. Many state governments have even given laptops to the students of their state.

future of computer

The future of computer is going to be much brighter in the coming time. Because the use of computers is increasing day by day and the Government of India has also computerized all the tasks. The main objective of doing this by the Government of India is that the whole of India becomes digital and the development of any digital country is very fast.

Computer is very popular in the present time. Therefore, in any country or say that computer is being used very fast in the whole world, then it will not be wrong.

It is being speculated by very good experts that in the coming time, the computer will develop so much that no person will even need to go out of the house to work, he can do any work sitting at home. could.

benefits of computer

Computers are multi-tasking, due to which any person can easily solve any number of numerical problems in the computer very easily.
The speed of computer is very fast, due to which any work is done very easily and quickly.
The ability to store data is also found in the computer, due to which people keep their personal documents and important documents stored in the computer.

All of you people also get digital protection in the computer, along with digital protection, you can also secure your computer with the help of firewall.
Computers have very high accuracy to do any culmination.

disadvantages of computer

At present, people also use computers for hacking, due to which all their information is hacked even though the owner of any website or bank account holder is not known.
There are many criminals who carry out their work using computers, these works done by them are called cybercrime.


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