What is e-passport and how will it work?

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E Passport :: On February 1, our country’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman released the budget for this year’s meaning 2022, in which she announced the launch of passport. You all know what a passport is. But what is an e-passport, the question has become.

After all, how different will e-passport be from a normal passport and what will be its benefits?, How will it work? We will answer all these questions in today’s article, so you must read this article till the end.

What is e-passport and how will it work? , What is E Passport

Why e-passport will be issued?

As you all know that passport is an identity card of any person, which is needed to travel to other country. You cannot go to any country without a passport.

The current passport is in the form of a booklist. In which all the biometric data of that passport holder such as his name, birth, many important information related to his family are there, which can be copied very easily and fraudulently and many such cases keep on coming.

To prevent such fake passports, Nirmala Sitharaman announced the introduction of e-passport in this year’s budget. This can change a lot. Now normal passport will be converted into e-passport.

What is e-passport?

The e-passport will be quite different from the current normal passport. It will be a digital passport with an electronic chip. All the biometric data of the passport holder will be stored in this chip, which will prevent fraud in the name of passport. The chip size in the e-passport will be smaller than that of the posted stamp, with up to 64 kilobytes of memory space.

This tiny chip could have the capacity to store the information of 30 passengers. This newly issued e-passport will be according to the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Difference between normal passport and passport

E-passport will be quite different from normal passport. There can be a lot of difference between the two, which would be the following:

A normal passport is a printed booklet in which it is very easy to copy the passport. But the e-passport issued by the new technology will have the facility of a chip, which cannot be copied.

The current passport is a simple booklet but the newly issued e-passport will have both the other covers, with a small silicon chip embedded in the back cover.

When applying for a normal passport, the applicant has to sign, which can be copied. But this electronic passport will have a digital signature, which will be stored in the chip. So that no one will be able to copy the signature.

Where in normal passport all the information of the passport holder can be read, in the e-passport all the information will be read only after scanning the chip.

At present there is a paper photo of the normal passport holder, which can be easily forged. But in the e-passport, the photo and fingerprint will be stored in the memory space itself.

Advantages of E Passport ::

The following are the advantages of e-passport:

  1. The biggest advantage of e-passport will be that it will prevent forgery in the name of passport.
  2. Through e-passport, the immigration process of passengers will become much easier.
    All biometrics information of citizens will remain secure and confidential due to Passport.
  3. Where the verification of normal passport used to take more time, the scanning of e-passport would take much less time. Due to which the crowd at the immigration counter will also be less.
  4. From fingerprint to eye recognition will be present in the passport with this biometric feature, the way this facility is present in the Aadhar card at present.
  5. Where there was complaint of loss, burning or soaking of ordinary passport, there will be no such complaint in this passport.

Is there e-passport facility in other countries also?

Nirmala Sitharaman asked to issue e-passport in India, so now it is not the case that digital e-passport facility is being given only in India.

Rather, this technology was launched in 1998 itself and now more than 100 countries have adopted the facility of ePassport, including countries like America, Britain, Japan, Germany, which are using e-passport.

What is e-passport?
The e-passport will be a passport equipped with digital technology, in which the chip will be used.

What will be the memory space used in e-passport?
A very small chip will be used in the e-passport, which will have up to 64 kilobytes of space.

Can e-passport be copied?
No, e-passport cannot be copied.

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