What is Google Adsense and AdWords and what is the difference in them?

Adsense Technology

As you know Google Company has a very big name in the world of Internet and Google Company gives us a lot of services (products) which are very useful to us. AdSense and Adwords are the products of google that have made google a very successful company today and so today we will know Google AdSense vs Google Adwords kya hota hai aur dono me kya Difference hai?

If you are a bloggers, website owner or owner of a business, then you must know about adsense and adwords in this internet Bali world, because through them you can earn good money or promote your business online, so come Know about google adsense and google adwords ….

What is Google AdWords?

Adwords is a platform through which advertisers (bloggers, websites owners, businessmen) create advertisements for their products, services, etc. and show them on Google Search Results Pages, Google Partners Websites or Google Display Networks (like blogs).

To use Google Adwords, an account has to be created, after that the advertiser makes an advertising campaign on it, after that the ads style (text, video, image) selects, decides its budget, decide keywords, location, time etc. for the ads. Does. One of the best things about Adwords is that advertiser has to pay something to google adwords only when someone clicks on his ads.

How does Google AdWords work?

As you have already understood that through google adwords the advertiser promotes (online marketing) their business, blog or website, so now let us know how google adwords works.

Whenever an internet user searches for something (text information, video, graphics) by putting keywords related to your ads on google search engine, then google will see advertiser’s ads on the websites that the user opens on their search results pages. And if a visitor comes to the advertiser’s blog or website by clicking on those ads, then only he has to pay google.

What is Google Adsense?

If you run or want to run a blog, website, YouTube channel and want to earn money through them, then it is very important for you to know what is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a platform using which bloggers, youtubers and website owners, also known as publishers, advertise on their blog, website, YouTube channel and when a user of your blog, website, YouTube channel clicks on those ads. So google gives you money instead.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

As you have already understood that through google adsense, publishers can earn money by placing ads on their website or blog, so now let us know how google adsense works, first of all, the publisher should get approval from google adsense for your website. it happens

After that google adsense appears on the publisher’s website, the ads related to the existing content and the ads related to the search terms of the visitors, and if the visitors of the publisher’s website or blog are interested in that ads, then click on them.

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Google company works by combining 3 logos for adsense and adwords, first advertiser second publisher and third user. This is a kind of cycle in which everyone has some benefit, so let’s know about all of them with details.

  1. Advertiser – Nowadays every company wants to advertise themselves and promote their business with everyone, Google AdSense is a great platform for them because through Google AdSense their ads reach the right users and instead they pay google. is.
  2. Publisher – Those bloggers, website owners or youtubers who put google’s ads on their blog, website or youtube channel and help them reach the right users, instead of which google pays them.
  3. Visitors – Those people who are visitors of your blog, website or youtube channel, who get the necessary information on your platform, and if the current ads on your blog, website or youtube channel are of their use, then click on them and thus Addition of those advertiser also happens.

Can i use google adsense and google adwords together?

No, you cannot do this because the traffic that you are promoting through the website of google adwords will also get more traffic at that time and your ads will be clicked more, that is why google does not allow you to do this.

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