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Guarantee or Warranty Details :: Whenever you go to a shop and buy a product, you will get a guarantee or warranty written in it, but do you know what is the meaning of guarantee and warranty, ie, what is the meaning of guarantee or warranty? Then if you do not know the Warranty Meaning, then definitely read the article further, you will get complete information.

In today’s time, before buying anything, we definitely check its warranty period and when we take any item, a guarantee card is also given in it; Without both of these we don’t even like to take things or, on the other hand, say that we find our advantage; Because if we take any goods on guarantee or warranty then if it gets damaged before the time limit period.

So the shopkeeper can repair or replace the goods, but we sometimes understand that both the things are same or we get confused due to not knowing the things, then today I am giving you the guarantee and warranty. I am going to tell you about the related things in detail, after which you will easily understand the difference between guarantee and warranty and hope you will get complete information related to it by reading this.

What is the difference between Guarantee and Warranty?

Whenever we all go to a shop to get a product, we are given either one of the guarantee and warranty and there are some such products which give us both the things because I myself saw in a battery many such products. In which both guarantee and warranty are given, but there are some products in which nothing is given and it is mostly seen in the same without company.

Because in a china product, you do not get both the guarantee and warranty, but do not panic, you should know the difference between the two because it is very important for you to know this thing, by the way, guarantee and warranty sounds almost the same. But there is a big difference between the two which are as follows:-

  1. If the same taken is damaged before the time limit, then instead of fixing the goods in the guarantee, the shopkeeper replaces them and gives new goods; Whereas if we are given a warranty in any item, then the shopkeeper repairs that item and gives it back to us.
  2. Whenever you buy any item, you get the warranty in almost all the goods, but you can get the guarantee only on a few items.
  3. The warranty card that is given to us whenever we pick up any item has a longer period of time; But the limit period of the guarantee card is very less.
  4. If told, we get more benefit in guarantee because in this, the damaged goods are replaced by us with new ones, whereas in warranty, we get the goods repaired and returned.
  5. Friends, on some items, you can increase the warranty by paying some money, but this is rarely seen in the guarantee, that is, the guarantee cannot be increased.
  6. Warranty is available on almost every electronic item, but the guarantee is available on very few items, so it is obvious that we benefit from the guarantee itself because in this, new goods are given when the goods are defective.
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Friends, now you must have known well that what is the guarantee or warranty in me, I have told you everything but whenever you go to buy a similar shop, then definitely check whether it has warranty or guarantee and after that you will get the same. Must take receipt because when your equal is bad then only receipt is asked from you, that is why you have to keep all these things in special attention, it is very important for you to know all these things, come and know about it.

What is meant by guarantee?

Friends, come and know what is a guarantee, because it is very important for all of us to know, so let us understand the meaning of guarantee and warranty:-

Guarantee means that if you are buying any goods from a shopkeeper, he gives you the guarantee card bill at the time of taking the goods; Which means that if the goods get damaged, then within that limit period then the shopkeeper takes back that goods to you and gives you new goods instead.

That’s why whenever you take the same, keep the guarantee card or bill handy; So that if anything gets damaged within the time limit, you can get the thing replaced by the guarantee card. So that you do not suffer.

If your purchase is defective after the same time limit, then due to the expiry of your guarantee period, you do not get the goods replaced, just you have to go to a shop and get it made by yourself. And suppose your goods become defective, then when you take your goods to the shop, you are asked for a guarantee card and a bill of the same, after which you are replaced by the defective goods.

What is the meaning of warranty

Warranty Most people must be confused by this term; Because he also takes it as a guarantee, but it is absolutely wrong. Warranty means that if you buy an item from a shopkeeper, then you are given a warranty card at the time of taking that item. Which means that if the goods taken are damaged within the time limit, then the shopkeeper will repair the damaged goods and not replace them with new ones.

That is why whenever you take any item, such as: – Mobile phone or any other gadget, then you get warranty card, whose limit period is mostly 1 year. If the goods received by you are damaged during this period, the shopkeeper can repair or repair your goods in view of the warranty bill.

Friends, I want to tell you one thing that whenever you get a warranty card, keep it with you because when your goods are defective, you have to show the warranty card, after that you get the goods fixed. And what happens in this is that whatever cost is incurred in making it is not taken from you, that is, the money is not taken from you to make the parts that are used separately.

So this is what happens in warranty, but it has the advantage that you get the original goods and the company’s only, then you get this benefit, however when you go to make it by paying money on your own, then what do you know in that the original is the same. You do not know whether it is felt or not and if he takes more money from you, then whatever goods you get from the company is very right for you.

What are the conditions for availing Guarantee or Warranty?

Friends, now you would think that we have to do something to get the guarantee and warranty? So the answer is yes, below are some points in which you have been told, then first of all let us know what are the following conditions to get the guarantee:-

  1. If you want to get a guarantee on the guaranteed item, you must first have a bill for the item purchased or a guarantee card for the item purchased.
  2. If you buy an item, during that time if you are given a guarantee card, in which some time limit is fixed. If you bring the item during that time limit, the shopkeeper will give you a new product in exchange for your defective product. After the expiry of the time limit, you cannot get this item replaced.

On the other hand, if we talk about getting the warranty, then it is something like this:-

  1. First of all, you must have a solid bill or warranty card for the item you have purchased.
  2. Most of the warranties are given to us for the time frame period of 1 year. If your product or item gets damaged during this time limit then you can bring it to the shopkeeper and get it repaired. Which the shopkeeper takes the responsibility of repairing after seeing your warranty card.

Conclusion ::

In today’s article, I gave you information about things related to guarantee and warranty. Friends, I have told you everything and it was still very important for you to know so that you can understand things better than us. I can ask, I will definitely tell you.

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