What is intermittent fasting and how to use it

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What to do if the face gets glow, hair fall stops and belly fat also gets reduced?

A great way to get facial shine, make hair beautiful, and lose weight is that many people have got very good results from them, cricketers, actors and fitness models are also adding these methods in their routine. I have been doing this myself for a few years and I have received many benefits from it

I am talking about intermittent fasting. With intermittent fasting, you can lose weight right from home, without having to use expensive products, you can shine on your face, stop hair loss and even remove stomach problems.

Intermittent fasting is a kind of fast, in which you have to starve for a few hours. Let us know that you have dinner at 8 o’clock. So you don’t have to eat anything from 8 o’clock in the night to 12 o’clock the next day, which is 16 hours, it is not so difficult because most of the time you will be sleeping at night.

Complete information about intermittent fasting.

When you fast, your body parts also get some rest, which makes them work better. The root of all diseases is our stomach, when we are fasting, the digestive system gets time to repair itself. Due to which it becomes better and stronger, its benefits also benefit other parts of your body like stomach, skin, hair, eyes, nose, ears etc.

If you try this for a few days, you will see a clear change in your body.

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