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Satellite is a very important thing for all of us in today’s time because without the help of satellite, humans cannot go so far today because what you watch TV Vagera and can see so easily, they are able to see it with the help of this. Kher, today I am going to tell you about satellite. What is satellite? (What is Satellite) How satellite works? Into how many categories are satellites divided? Satellite meaning Hope you will definitely get complete information related to satellite by reading this article.

If you are very interested in the field of science and you want to make your future in this field, then you would love to discover and know about new things related to science. Today I am going to tell you about a thing related to the field of science. Which we humans made through a lot of research and it is being used a lot in today’s time.

Friends, in today’s time, which you can easily track TV channel or GPS location or whatever you find fast internet speed, you do all this with the help of satellite somewhere and in today’s time there are many people in the sky. Created by. And with the help of this, today the world has gone so far in this field, let’s try to know it deeply.

What is satellite? (What is Satellite)

Satellite which we know in Hindi as satellite, it is a small object revolving around our earth, that is, if explained to you in simple language, the moon is also a satellite, but it is a natural satellite; Which is difficult for a human to run.

But today science has progressed so much that with the help of these natural satellites, humans are making their own satellites, which is a matter of great pride for us and which we know as satellites made by man.

Now let us understand Satellite; A small object that revolves in space around an object much larger than itself is called a satellite. There are solar panels on both sides, from which they keep getting energy. At the same time there are transmitters and receivers in between them, which work to receive or send signals.

Apart from this some control motors are also included in it; With the help of which we are able to control the satellite. Whenever we have to check the satellite or check its angle, then we are able to check it through this control motor.

There are many reasons for making a satellite, such as:-

  1. to take an image of the earth
  2. to scan
  3. We are also able to communicate through satellite; Because in this radio and ground are not used for complete communication of the web; That is why most of us do communication work through satellite.

What is the meaning of satellite

In Hindi we call satellite satellite. Satellite meaning (satellites) are of two types, one natural and the other man-made.

Natural such as the Moon which is a satellite of the Earth, and another man-made or artificial satellite that is made by us humans; Which we establish in the orbit of the earth, due to which we keep getting a lot of information.

You would know that when we talk about ISRO, our Indian space agency is touching new success every year and it is a matter of great pride for us Indians. Indian space agency ISRO (ISRO) has so far sent about one hundred satellites into space.

How Satellite Works

As I mentioned while giving you information about satellite, how does satellite work? So about this in some detail again we know how satellite works?

As you must have understood by reading the article so far, the satellite works in a prescribed way, that is, there are solar panels on both sides of it. Due to which they keep getting energy i.e. electricity. There are transmitters and receivers in between, which do the work of receiving and sending the receiver and transmitter signals.

Apart from this, some control motors are also installed in it, which helps in changing the position and angle of the satellite and through which we can know its position and angle.

Sometimes the question will also arise in your mind that satellites are so heavy, so how do these air go to the soil and how do they work by staying there, then tell you that if an object has to live in space, then it should be You have to keep going around the object bigger than you.

Their speed will not allow the gravitational force of the Earth to dominate them. Because of this, satellites are easily able to stay in the air and do their work properly.

Why is satellite needed (Importance of Satellite)

Friends, this question must be running in your mind that why satellite is needed, then I want to tell you that with the help of satellite you can do anything and anywhere. Because it is very high, due to which it can send its signal to the whole world, wherever you are, that is why it is needed the most and it is very important for us too.

Suppose you have a SIM card now and your network comes in it through tower but if you go somewhere then there is no network in your phone because there is not enough capacity inside it to get network in your phone. That’s why people are now converting to satellite.

If seen in today’s time, life without satellite is not able to become so super fast because I give you an example, in today’s time people of other countries are using satellite network in their phone and its internet speed is 15MB P.S. It can be assumed that you can get such fast internet speed in your phone, it is not available at all, that is why satellite is very power full. And it is needed by everyone.

Into how many categories are satellites divided?

Now let’s talk about how many parts the satellite has been divided into, that is, the satellite is mainly divided into three categories which are as follows:-

  1. Low Earth Orbit Satellite
  2. Medium Earth Orbit Satellite
  3. High Earth Orbit Satellite 1 Low Earth Orbit Satellite: – This satellite is true to its name, that is, it is very close to the Earth. Whose height ranges from about 160 to 1600 kilometers and they revolve around the Earth very fast. That is why they complete the rotation of the earth several times a day comfortably. That is why it takes very little time for them to scan the earth, due to which in today’s time it is mostly used for image and scanning. 2 Medium Earth Orbit Satellite:- These satellites are slightly above the Low Earth Orbit Satellite. They also revolve around the earth very fast. It completes one revolution of the Earth in about 12 hours. They pass through a certain place at a certain time; Whose altitude varies from about 10000 km to 20000 km. We mostly use it for navigation purpose. 3 High Earth Orbit Satellite: – This is the satellite which is far away from the earth; Whose distance is up to 36000 kilometers. If it revolves around the earth at a high speed. This satellite is mostly used for communication purpose.

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