What is the difference between the habits of rich and poor people?

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Wealthy people have a say in everything, even if they sneeze alone in the bathroom, they say sorry. When the poor sneeze, even if four people are sitting, then there is abuse from his mouth. Rich people praise burger pizza even before eating it wow so nice wat a burger, so yummy they keep on praising the burger for five minutes. The poor man tears a burger and swallows it in one go.

If rich people eat in the hotel, then without putting a tip, they put a hundred and two hundred rupees in the bill. And if the poor man eats on the pheasant, then he asks for free vegetables twice or thrice. Wealthy people talk to their young children by saying that and children of poor people also speak to the Father.

The rich man also drinks a pack of alcohol, mixed with soda water, talking about politics for half an hour and then abuses the government for inflation and the poor man swallows Desi Daru’s treacle like this, then goes home and abuses his wife gives. This answer is not for the middle class. There is a difference between very rich and very poor.

When a rich man quarrels, he gets calm by speaking shit or dammed and the poor man dies by picking up the brick and giving it to the head. The rich people are ashamed to wear a cloth again and the poor wears the same cloth till it is torn, and even then it wears it by wearing a cloth, and finally makes a curtain, mop, pillow cover or destter with that cloth .

Gold is written in the fortune of the rich man, but gold is written in peace in the luck of the poor man. The rich man has to take a sleeping pill to sleep, but the poor man works so hard for one time bread that he gets a sweet sleep as soon as he eats bread at night. Overall, despite being rich in everything, the rich man remains in loss.

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