What is the home remedy to end impotence?

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Men who have the problem of fertility are the best medicine for increase fertility in hindi. He should fix his food and food habits. So this problem of theirs can be overcome. In such a situation, you will have to improve your diet.

So let’s know how men who have fertility problems. He can improve his married life by improving his fertility.

And you can spend your life happily with your partner to increase male fertility in foods. People who are planning their child. So because of their weak fertility, their chances of getting a child are reduced. So that their partners do not get along. There are some foods to strengthen fertility.

When consumed, the number of male sperm increases. At the same time, their marital life is also made in happiness. There are also vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food to increase sperm count. Those who are vegetarian humans. He should take vegetarian food ie diet. And those who are non-vegetarians can also eat non-vegetarian and vegetarian diets.

And increase the number of sperm count. Let us know which foods should be eaten and which foods should be changed and your lifestyle to overcome the problems of fertility in the body. So that the number of sperm count in their body can be controlled and increased and their life can be made in happiness.

1- Dark Chocolate – dark chocolate for fertility increase in hindi

Men who have weak fertility do not make sperm count much. Eating dark chocolate is very beneficial for those people. Dark chocolate contains cocoa beans chocolate. Which provides antioxidants as well as an enzyme called l-arginine in all.

Which helps in increasing the number of sperm count in the body. So eating dark chocolate 2 to 3 hours before going to your partner proves beneficial. For example, it helps to increase the number of sperm count inside them.

Impotence is increasing in today’s time mainly due to wrong lifestyle. Many young men in their age do their own ejaculation due to many different habits like Hasthamuthain, due to which many years, those people start getting impotent.

Impotence can come for many other reasons, such as smoking and mis-eating, to treat it, we should eat a variety of green vegetables and fruits such as bananas, watermelons, almonds and also include exercise in your lifestyle, which can help you To get away from impotence, you should take a variety of Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Goksura, Satavar, Black and White Musli.


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