What is the population of Australia in 2020

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2020 में ऑस्ट्रेलिया की जनसंख्या कितनी है

Do you know how much the population of Australia is not known in 2020 because it is a country that appears frequently in Indian news channels. And as far as its population is concerned, very few Indian people know about its population.

Australia appears in Indian news papers only when there is a cricket match between Team India and Australia. During this time, you can see the news of this country in all the news channels.

Australia is a country inhabited by an entire continent. As far as the matter is concerned about the largest countries of the world from the perspective of the region, this country Russia comes first in this list. At the same time, Australia comes in sixth place in this list.

Now this country is present in the top 10 largest countries of the world, in such a situation, you would think that its population will also be enough but this is not the case at all. You will know in this post why you are saying this less.

What is the population of Australia | ऑस्ट्रेलिया की जनसंख्या कितनी है

Let me tell you that in present time the population of Australia is 25,274,082 (2 crore 52 lakh) in 2020. Now comparing it with India, it has a population equal to any city in India. In addition, the total number of people traveling by train in India per day is the total population of Australia. If we look at its history, it was ruled by the British like India.

It is believed that the British ruled here from the 17th century to the 19th century. In the 17th century, the British captured the original inhabitants and captured them.

Initially, the British continued to rule under their native country England, but later the rulers here separated from England and made it an independent country. Now, Australia now comes under the category of developed countries. And the credit goes to the descendants of the British, Australia does not have such a population.

Which can give competition to other countries in trade. Nevertheless, people here have developed this country on the basis of their hard work, now people from every corner of the world want to settle in Australia.

About 4 to 5 lakh people of India are also settled in this country. There is no worry of livelihood here because the resources are more according to the population. Let me tell you that this country is very good in terms of living because it has a very good standard of living, health, education and economic conditions. Since Australia is a country which is located on an entire continent.

In such a situation, the number of maritime beach here is more than 10 thousand, if you go to roam one beach in a day, then it will take 27 years for you to roam the entire beach. A fact related to this is that here is the largest national highway in the world.

The length of which is 14,500 kilometers. This highway surrounds the entire country and passes through almost all the beaches of the country. Hope you will like this information, if you like the information, then share it.

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