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Goldfish ka Scientific Naam Kya Hai Yes, this is the title of our article. Goldfish which people like to keep in the Feng Shui aquarium of their homes because Goldfish is considered auspicious in the Feng Shui scripture of China. We are going to tell you about other important aspects of Goldfish, so let’s start, what is the scientific name of Goldfish?

Goldfish ka Scientific Naam Kya Hai | What is the Scientific Name of Goldfish | Ok Google Goldfish Ka Scientific name kya hai

The scientific name of Goldfish is Carassius Aauratus and in Hindi it is called Carassius auratus. Goldfish is a species of the carp family, which is mostly found in golden orange color and looks very attractive to look at.

Goldfish are clean freshwater fish because they are very beautiful and attractive to look at, so goldfish are the first fish kept in most indoor aquariums, which are also found in different types and colors.

Goldfish are also considered a good luck charm fish. It is a tradition in Southern Europe that on the first wedding anniversary, a husband gives his wife a goldfish as a gift so that their married life is filled with happiness.

In our article Goldfish ka Scientific Naam Kya Hai, now we are going to tell you some other important and important information about Goldfish.

  1. What is Goldfish called in English?

Goldfish is called goldfish or gold fish in Hindi. Goldfish are also known as golden crucian carp. This fish is a member of the carp family. Goldfish are also found in many colors like red, white, orange, brown, black, yellow etc.

  1. How Long Can Goldfish Live?

Under optimistic conditions goldfish can live up to 40 years. Domestic goldfish live for at least 6 to 8 years. To keep the goldfish alive as long as possible, you should also be aware of the temperature of the water it lives in.

Let us tell you, the water temperature of goldfish’s aquarium should be around 2 to 24 degree Celsius, but goldfish can easily live in water of maximum 30 degree Celsius. If the water level is between pH 7.2 to 7.6, it will be even better for the goldfish and the fish may live longer.

  1. Where is Goldfish found

Goldfish are found in Chinese ponds. Along with Chinese ponds, goldfish are also found in those ponds which have low stream flow. This fish was first found in Europe in the early 17th century. Goldfish are also found in 7 different species

The main species are Oranda Goldfish, Line Head Goldfish, Ranchu Goldfish, Fantail Goldfish, Black Moor Goldfish, Common Goldfish, Shubunkin Goldfish, Ryukin Goldfish, Comet Goldfish and also found in some other species.

If you want to keep goldfish in your home, then in our article Goldfish ka Scientific Naam Kya Hai, you are being given important information, by reading which you will be able to take good care and care of your goldfish.

  1. How long can Goldfish live without food

It is very important to know how much food to give to the fish kept in the aquarium and when to give it. If you give too much food to the fish, the fish may die and if you give less. Therefore, for your information, let us tell you that goldfish can live comfortably without food for 2 weeks, but it is not good to keep the fish hungry for a long time.

If you are going out somewhere, you should leave your fish with someone to care for or you can take your pet fish with you.

  1. What do Goldfish or Goldfish eat

Generally, domesticated fish kept in homes are given only fish food available in the market. Goldfish can eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Goldfish living in the sea or pond eat sea plants, sea insects, tadpoles etc.

Goldfish living in home indoor aquarium can eat vegetables like peas, spinach, cucumber, carrot, broccoli etc. Talking about fruits, goldfish can also eat apples, grapes, watermelon, orange, banana etc. Goldfish can also eat steamed rice.

  1. How to Care for Gold Fish

Not only goldfish, it is very important to take good care of all types of fish. To take care of goldfish, you must first set up a glass aquarium for your fish to live in. All the natural things which are found in the sea should also be planted in the aquarium. For all these natural things, you can visit the fish shop near you.

Choosing an Aquarium for Goldfish

We recommend that whatever aquarium or bowl you choose, be sure to keep in mind that the larger it is, the longer your fish will live. The size of the fish will also depend on the size of the aquarium.

what is the size of the goldfish

The size of goldfish is 1 to 2 inches in small indoor aquariums, if you put a slightly larger aquarium, then the size of the fish can increase up to 6 inches. The size of goldfish living in outdoor ponds is up to 14 inches.

how to decorate aquarium

To make the aquarium beautiful and attractive, you can decorate your aquarium according to your own by planting artificial plants etc. Artificial plants or natural things will give the goldfish a sea-like environment so that the fish can live comfortably in the aquarium.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the aquarium

To keep the goldfish alive for a long time, you should clean the aquarium at least once a week or ten days. While cleaning, you have to pay attention to some things like you should not change all the water while cleaning the water.

If you clean the fish tank once a week then you should change only 10 or 15 percent of the water of the tank and if you clean the tank in 15 or 20 days then you only need to change 30 to 50 percent of the water .

Amount of Food for Goldfish

Along with this, you also have to take full care of the food of your goldfish. For fish food, you can go to any pet shop and buy fish food for goldfish and also consult the shopkeeper about when and how much food you can give to your fish. You should give food to goldfish only in a certain amount. Overfeeding can make goldfish sick or even die.

How to Treat Goldfish

To raise any fish, you have to take full care of it. You also try to understand the behavior of the fish. If you find the behavior of the fish a little different, then you can immediately understand that the fish is sick and get it treated. If you think that your goldfish or other fish are sick, you should immediately show them to an Aquaculture Veterinarian and get them treated.

  1. Types of Goldfish

Although there are many types and species of goldfish, but we are going to tell you the top 20 species of goldfish which are most popular among common people.

Common Goldfish

The common goldfish is a common species of goldfish that is not differentiated by the color and size of its ancestor (Prussian carp). The common goldfish is a variant of the domesticated wild carp. Most varieties of fancy goldfish come from this simple breed.

Shubunkins Goldfish

The Shubukin goldfish is similar in appearance to the common goldfish and the comet goldfish. The Shubukin goldfish was first bred in Japan by crossbreeding. Calico telescope eye goldfish (Demekins), comet goldfish and common goldfish were used for crossbreeding.

Comet Goldfish

The comet or comet-tailed goldfish is a goldfish with a tail developed in the Americas. It is similar to the common goldfish but is slightly smaller and thinner and differs from the common goldfish mainly by its long deeply spiny tail. Comet Goldfish is available in a variety of colors.

Ranchu Goldfish

Ranchu is a hooded variety from Japan. It is called “King of Goldfish” in Japan. Ranchu is also historically known as maruko or Korean goldfish. However, maruko is more commonly known as an oval fish. It was crossbred in Japan with Chinese Lionhead specimens.

Ryukin Goldfish

The ryukin is a hardy and attractive variety of goldfish with a pointed head and a large hump on the back behind the head. It can be long-winged or short-winged with either a triple or quadruple tail.

Telescope Goldfish

Telescope goldfish was first developed in China in the year 1700. The telescope appears to be the same as that of Demkin Ryukin and Fantel, except to his magnified eye. Its body is dark and the wings are long. Some feathers are hidden, some are broad and some are short.

Calico Goldfish

The calico goldfish got its name because when it was first developed it had several colored speckled calico patterns. Calico goldfish often have red, yellow, brown and black spots and darker spots on a blue background. These colors are usually spread over the wings.

Bubble Eye Goldfish

The bubble eye is a small variety of the fancy goldfish that has upward-pointing eyes that consist of two large sacs filled with fluid. This variety of goldfish has a clean back and bubble-like eyes that match the color of the fish.

Fantail Goldfish

The fantail goldfish has an egg-shaped body, high fins on its back, and a long quadruple tail fin. There is no hump on its shoulder. It is similar to ryukin and is mostly found in western countries.

Lionhead Goldfish

Lionheads’ profuse hood or headgrowth and thick cheeks give them a facial appearance similar to that of dog puppies. Its “wen” (Chinese word for headgrowth) completely covers the fish’s head, cheeks and gill plate. In addition, lionheads are smaller in size but darker-bodied, and have no feathers on their backs. It has an arched back.

Butterfly Telescope Goldfish

The butterfly telescope goldfish is a variant of the telescope fish. Its wings look like a butterfly when viewed from above. It has been developed in recent years. Black, blue and orange spots are visible on it.

Veiltail Goldfish

The whaletail goldfish has a large tail, almost twice that of the fish. Its back is arched and it also has a large feather on it. Its body shape is almost similar to that of ryukin and its color is golden.

Egg-fish Goldfish

Egg-fish is a fancy variety of goldfish that does not have fins and is roughly the size of an egg. It looks exactly like Ranchu Goldfish. It is long in shape but its head is not like that of ranchu.

Oranda Goldfish

Oranda has a large hood on his head. This large hood is also called the crown of Oranda. It has a large tail and also a large feather on the back. Its belly looks like an egg.

Pompom Goldfish

The pompom goldfish is a completely different looking fish, it is purple in color and has lumps of loose flesh on either side of the nose. Its body shape is similar to that of oranda and lion head.

Celestial Eye Goldfish

The eyes of the celestial eye goldfish look upwards, similar to that of the bubble eye goldfish, and both eyes are as large as bubbles. This golden orange colored fish has two tails.

Hope you have got complete information about goldfish in this post Goldfish ka Scientific Naam Kya Hai and if you liked this article of ours, then definitely tell it in the comment section.

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