What is the way to snake away from home?

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A snake is also a shy creature. Leaves in the dark. As soon as we hear our call, we take our path from the head.

The danger is only when you put your hand in its bill, set foot on it in the dark. Put his hands in his hiding place without looking.

Spray carbolic acid around the side of the house drains etc. If the snake enters the house, spray kerosene oil, phenyl, or bleaching powder. The snake will run away from the smell. Even by wiping them, their smell remains on the floor. Ants and insects – Do not get pranked. Snakes are on the lookout for rats, frogs, frog. Even snakes will not come when kept away from home.

A year ago, snakes used to walk around where I was staying. Someone’s tail is 3 feet, and some 6-7 feet long black snake. Not a single snake bite was heard. Yes, people did not take long to kill snakes.

There was a snake couple in the office premises. Many times his little children entered the office at night, and lost their lives.

While the snake is a very cultured creature. Walking on the path in the twilight of the evening, a 10-foot-long black snake passed a few inches away from my feet. He was crossing the road fast. He did not pay attention to me.

They have become accustomed to human existence. But not us, we should also accept their presence. Do not kill the snake, it will go its way.

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