What is ZMA, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Friends, new supplements keep coming every day in body building, but nowadays the supplement which is talked about more is ZMA. Many people talk about ZMA, but very few people know what it actually is, what works, who should take it and who should not.

There are many people who only know that ZMA is beneficial for sleep and start taking it for sleep, but it is not so today in this article we will know what is ZMA in the end, how it works and What are the benefits of taking it?

What is ZMA?

ZMA is not a new supplement, it is being used for a long time but in India it has come into vogue only for the last two-three years. There are mainly three things found in this. Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6.

All these three are very important for our body. These minerals and vitamins are very important for the biological process in our body. When we exercise more, essential minerals are removed from the body with sweat, of which zinc and magnesium are the main ones. So if there is a deficiency of zinc in the body, then there is no good recovery and neither testosterone is made. Therefore, people who exercise more are advised to take zinc or ZMA.

Key Elements of ZMA: ZMA Ingredient Composition

As we have known, mainly three elements are found in Jata. Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6


Zinc is a very important mineral, it not only increases the size of your muscles but also works to boost testosterone. If it is lacking, then the testosterone level starts decreasing. There is weakness in the body and there can be many problems. That’s why it becomes very important to take zinc in body building. Due to zinc deficiency, many times there are ulcers in the mouth.


Magnesium gives strength to our muscles. The protein carbohydrate you eat helps in better recovery. Helps them to digest well. Relieves muscle fatigue and also increases the timing of the walkout.

Vitamin B6

Taking vitamin B6 is also very important. It increases the red blood cells ie RBC in your body, the more RBCs there are in the body, the more oxygen will reach your muscles and the more oxygen reaches the more nutrients will be able to go to the body. It also helps in keeping the skin healthy.

Advantages of ZMA. ZMA Supplement Benefits

ZMA helps in increasing the size and gives a lot of benefit in muscle recovery.
If you go to the gym in the evening and you do not sleep well then ZMA also helps a lot in getting sleep on time. That’s why it is also called night recovery supplement which is taken only at night.
ZMA also helps in increasing the blood. If there is a lack of blood in your body, then it also helps in increasing blood and increasing the amount of RBC cells.
Testosterone is the main male hormone of men, on which many things depend, so ZMA helps a lot in increasing testosterone.

When and how to take ZMA? ZMA dosage in Timing

ZMA should only be consumed by professional bodybuilders above 18 years of age. You can take one to two capsules before sleeping at night.

Women can also consume it, but take only one capsule or do it with the advice of a doctor.

Price in ZMA. ZMA Price in India

ZMA is available in many brands in the market. Earlier it used to be very expensive but now some Indian brands are also selling which is cheap and gives good results. It starts from Rs 600 in the Indian market.

Things to keep in mind Precautions

Never take ZMA during the day. It is a night recovery supplement and should be taken at night before sleeping.
ZMA should take the same dose as prescribed. Taking more than this can lead to some side effects.
ZMA should be kept out of reach of children in the household.

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