What should we teach our daughters so that they can protect themselves?

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The question is about making daughters strong, so instead of talking about how to raise them, I will talk about making daughters strong here.

When she is four years old, I will start teaching her about good touch bad touch. I will tell him which parts of his body he should not allow anyone to touch except his mother. (Nobody means nobody) Look at the red parts in the picture –

When she starts going to school, I will tell her that if anyone in school touches you or even tries to touch you on those red spots, then you must come home and tell your parents about it.

When my daughter is 8 years old, I will send her to judo-karate classes, not dance or tutoring classes.

By the time she is 10 years old or even a little understandable, I will have convinced her that her parents are always with her. If any friend, neighbor or very close relative tries to do anything wrong with him, then he comes without fear by breaking his face, maybe even two or four teeth, we will handle the rest of the fight, whatever happens. For us, the respect of our daughter will be more important than having any relation with any neighbor or relative.

When my daughter is 12 years old, I will explain to her that you should learn to trust your gut filling. The sixth sense of us girls is amazing, if someone is staring at us, someone is following us or we like to stay away from any person, then it is not our reason. This is our sixth sense alerting us. which is always right.

When she is 14 years old, she has eaten food or not, as much as I will take care that whenever she goes out, she must take paper spray with her.

When she starts dating a boy, I will tell her this, we believe in your every decision, we are with you. But wherever you go, with whomever you go, tell us to go. If you go after telling us, then whoever you go with will be afraid that if he does anything wrong, then your parents will not leave him.

I will also teach him to respect relationships and maintain relationships. But even after her marriage, I will never tell her that now your in-laws are your real home, you have become a stranger. Even then I would tell him the same thing, you are still the life of your parents, you are the beauty of this house. Whenever you face any problem let us know without any hesitation.

  1. Teach daughters to speak their mind openly
  2. Treat daughters like sons from childhood
  3. Make them do different types of workouts and give them fighting lessons such as karate, wrestling, judo, etc.
  4. Build a sense of being strong and self-reliant in every way since childhood.
    feed him nutritious food
  5. Teach me not to pay attention to what people will say
  6. Do not keep your daughter inside the house by thinking about the society
  7. If you want your daughter to become strong like our player Geeta Phogat, then teach her to be strong from childhood.
  8. Do not make your daughter a physically weak person who makes her cry over everything.

No one is weak as soon as he is born, because of the education that starts after your birth, the person becomes weak.

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