When will the corona virus vaccine arrive and how much will it cost?

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कोरोना वायरस का टीका कब आएगा और इसकी लागत कितनी होगी?

The first case of corona infection was reported in December last year in Wuhan, China, after which the virus started spreading its foot in other countries of the world.

Worldwide, cases of corona virus infection have now exceeded 26.6 million and the number of deaths from this virus is more than 8 lakh 75 thousand. But till now no effective vaccine has been created to deal with this.

On 11 August this year, Russia registered the first vaccine of Kovid-19 and named it Sputnik V. Russia says that it has achieved a great success in medical science. But critics claim that this vaccine has not passed through the third phase of clinical trials and therefore cannot be believed that the vaccine will work.

But efforts are being made to make the corona vaccine in many countries around the world. According to the World Health Organization, 34 companies are producing the corona vaccine and clinical trials of Phase III of seven are underway. At the same time, vaccines of three companies have reached the second phase of clinical trials.

According to the organization, 142 companies are also making vaccines and so far have reached the Pre-clinical level.

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