Who invented the lift and when was it

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लिफ्ट का आविष्कार कब और किसने किया

In this post, you will know who invented the lift and when? Technology has completely changed the present day era. Even though we are suffering due to many things made by technology, we cannot stop using them.

However, some of the inventions of technology were done for the convenience of people, one of them is lift. There is no harm from this, but without it it is difficult to climb on a high building, in this case it can be considered an important discovery.

Currently more than one sky-touching buildings are being built, but just imagine what would have happened if there had not been a lift. We can climb at most 10 floors on foot, but climbing beyond it is not a matter of anyone’s bus. In such a situation, the lift contributes to the success of a tall building.

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Who invented the lift | लिफ्ट का आविष्कार किसने किया था

Let me tell you that even though the elevator seems to be a very modern invention, it was started long ago because there was a need for something to move from one floor to another. When this requirement was met, it was called the lift.

It is believed that the first Roman architect built the lift and informed it to Archimedes. After this, in the year 1743, a lift was built for King Louis of France. Which was named Flying Chair. This flying chair was fitted in the balcony of the palace of King Louis, with the help of which the king was taken from one floor to another.

As you may have known, the invention of the lift started long ago but Elisha Graves Otis, the inventor of the elevator, is considered as the first person who invented the safety elevator in the year 1852.

E.G. Otis was an American industrialist who built the lift-connected Otis Elevator Company. Talking about India, the first power lift design of Otis was installed in the Raj Bhavan of Kolkata in the year 1892. The most important thing is that this lift is still running

However, it has been modernized twice. The first was done in 1969 and the second in 2010. So now you must know who invented the lift and when did the need for elevators was there many years ago but in the year 1852 E.G. It was successfully invented by Otis. Otis had also formed a company with this invention, named Otis Elevator Company.

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