Who launched the first touch screen phone

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Do you know who launched the world’s first touch screen phone, do not know, then today we are going to tell you about it. Smartphone has become a necessity of people today. Whether to run internet or talk to anyone in the country and abroad, everything needs a mobile phone today.

If you do not have a mobile, then you are living in a very old world because today almost all people get to see or have a device. Like other technology devices, the history of mobile is also very old, first the keypad phone was invented, then there were many changes in which it was also laced with touch screen.

Although the old touchscreen phone was not as modern as it is today, it could do all the work that was required earlier. Today all the mobile companies have launched touch screen phones, but most people do not even know the company that made the world’s first touch screen mobile phone. So in this post we are going to tell about the same company.

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Who launched the first touch screen phone

Explain that the world’s first touchscreen phone was made by IBM and US phone maker Be self. Even though most people do not know this company at the time, but at that time the company had laid the foundation of today’s smartphone by launching a touchscreen phone. This phone is named IBM Simon and was launched in the year 1992. It was made available for sale in 1994, two years after its launch.

Talking about the price of this phone, its price was kept at 900 US dollars. At that time, it had sold around 50,000 devices. In design it was quite different from today’s smartphones. The length of this phone weighing about half a kilogram was 23 cm and the screen of this phone was green. According to the Irish Times, this phone was named Simon because it was a very simple phone. This was all he used to do at that time.

Which was expected from the smartphone of that time. Apart from making calls, this phone could be used for writing, photographing, updating contacts, calendars, sending and receiving faxes. A slot was also given below this phone, through which maps, games and spreadsheets could be accessed. Please tell that long before this touch screen phone, keypad mobile phones were launched in the market.

The first keypad phone was made by Motorola company in the year 1973 named Dynatech. So now you will know who launched the first touch screen phone, even though the company making the world’s first touchscreen mobile phone has been lost, but the foundation of the smartphone that we are using today by America’s Belself Company.

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