Why did Akbar imprison Tulsidas in prison?

Sanatan Bhakti सनातन भक्ति

See Tulsidas was an ardent devotee of Shri Ram. He has not written anything special about himself or about any contemporary king in his compositions.

According to the researchers a story is as follows-

Once Baba Tulsidas was going for a bath in the Ganges in the morning. At the same time, a woman, whose husband had died, was sentenced to death and the villagers were taking her to Sati. Before Sati, a woman had to take blessings of all. On the way, Tulsidas ji was also seen, then the woman bent down to touch his feet.

Giving blessings, Tulsidas ji said- May you be a good luck person! People walking with that woman said, “Baba, her husband has died and now you prove her promise to be true by raising her husband alive.”

Tulsidas refused a lot but he did not agree. Then Tulsidas said, “Okay, take me to the dead body and everyone will keep their eyes closed.” Baba Tulsidas prayed to Rama ji and the dead man got up saying Rama Rama, a person had opened his eyes and he became blind.

In this way, Tulsidas’s fame reached the court of Emperor Akbar. He called Tulsidas to Delhi. King Todarmal was close to Tulsidas and he told Akbar about the miracle of Tulsi.

Emperor Akbar asked Tulsidas to show his grief. But Tulsi Das said that he is not a magician who will entertain people by performing miracles. Akbar gets angry on this and closes them in the prison.

In prison, Tulsi Das offered Hanuman ji. Historians say that in a few days millions of monkeys reached Akbar’s capital. They entered Bandar Akbar’s palace, Ranivas, orchards, and started creating trouble. Akbar and his subjects got upset by all this, then Akbar’s Kazi said that release the saint whom you have taken captive.

Then Emperor Akbar released Tulsidas ji and apologized to him and also used the pose with the picture of Sita Ram.

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