Why does AIDS happen?|What HIV/AIDS – Symptoms and causes

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4 main reasons for getting HIV AIDS –

By having unprotected sex with an HIV infected person

Injection given to an HIV-infected person than someone else
By transfusion of blood of HIV infected person
It can also happen to a child born from an HIV-infected mother.

How does AIDS happen? What does HIV virus do?

Due to any one of the reasons mentioned above, the HIV virus enters the blood. The HIV virus then enters the cell by capturing the CCR5 protein found on the surface of CD4+ T white blood cells found in the blood. Then gradually the HIV virus starts spreading throughout the body.

When a person’s body becomes completely infected with the HIV virus and its symptoms start showing in the body, then it is called AIDS disease. The full form of HIV virus is Human Immunodeficiency Virus, ie AIDS disease affects the body’s immune system. Due to this the immunity of the body starts decreasing.

White blood cells give the strength to our body to fight diseases. When the HIV virus starts reducing them, then the person starts getting many other diseases and the body becomes weak. The AIDS patient is unable to recover from this weakness and he dies.

Elisa test, Enzyme immunoassay (EIA)/rapid test, Western blot test are done to detect AIDS disease in India. In this, the Enzyme immunoassay (EIA) / rapid test gives the quickest results, its results come in about 20 minutes.

Discovery of AIDS Test | Aids disease

French virologist Luc Montagnier and Dr. are credited with finding the test for AIDS. Robert turns to Gallo. AIDS is caused by infection with the HEV virus. AIDS is an incurable disease that kills about one million people in the world every year.

Scientists all over the world are engaged in finding a cure for AIDS, but so far no such medicine or vaccine has been made which can cure AIDS completely or do not allow AIDS to happen.

Are there people who do not get AIDS? Immune to Aids

There are also 1% of the world’s population who are not affected by the HIV virus. This hidden secret of nature has been revealed only a few years ago. Know this amazing information in this post.

Scientists discovered in 2005 the fact that a unique gene mutation called CCR5-Delta32 is found in the blood of some people of Native American race, mainly in northern Europe and Africa, Asia. Such people are less than 1% of the total population of the world. Today the world’s population is 7600 million, so there are about 5-6 crore people who are immune to HIV.

The CCR5-Delta32 gene mutation that occurs in the body does not have the CCR5 protein on its white blood cell surface. Because of this, the HIV virus is unable to enter the cell and is neutralized.

Such lucky people get this CCR5-Delta32 gene mutation from both their parents. Even if one of the parents has got this gene mutation, then the chances of getting AIDS are very less compared to the rest of the population.

Researchers have discovered that this gene mutation probably originated in the body of some humans for the first time around the 15th century. It is not yet known exactly why and how people who have this gene mutation are getting it from generation to generation.

In a study conducted at the University of Manitoba in 2008, it was also found that some female sex workers in Kenya did not get AIDS, while they were in contact with many people who had HIV virus in their body for 3 years.

2 people who have been cured of HIV –

Some of the AIDS resistant people mentioned above have helped in the treatment of AIDS, which has cured HIV of 2 people. Their names are –

  1. Timothy Ray Brown living in Berlin, Germany
  2. Adam Castillejo from London

Yes ! These are two people whose AIDS disease has been cured. Bone marrow transplant was done in the body of an AIDS patient by taking a bone marrow from an HIV resistant person.

This stem cell transplant is not a safe procedure and in fact the purpose of this transplant was to treat the cancer of these 2 patients. But after the transplant, HIV negative came in the test report.

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