Why is Good Friday celebrated and its history

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If any religion has the most followers in the whole world, then it is Christianity. Most of the people who believe in Christianity live all over the world and Good Friday has a lot of importance for every Christian. A large number of Christians also reside in India, due to which this festival is given importance in India as well.

Christians celebrate Good Friday as a mourning day. On this day the originator of their religion, Jesus Christ, was hanged on the cross. This day is celebrated in his memory.

Although many people do not know about Good Friday, so we have brought this article today so that you can also be aware of this festival celebrated by Christians all over the world. So do read this article till the end.

Because in this article we will discuss all the important topics like the history of Good Friday, how Good Friday is celebrated and what is the importance of Good Friday.

Why is Good Friday celebrated and its history? Good Friday

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is celebrated 2 days before Easter Sunday i.e. on Friday. On this day Jesus Christ, the God of Christians, died. Jesus Christ is addressed by names like Jesus, Isha and Ishwar etc. It is believed that Lord Jesus himself was the son of God the Father.

According to the Bible, it is believed that Jesus Christ was born to end the atrocities and sins increasing on the earth. He gave up his life to protect Christianity. They were punished for protecting Christianity. Despite being innocent, he was punished for hanging on the cross.

Nevertheless, Jesus Christ prayed to God without rebuke and said that ‘O God, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing’. With this statement of Jesus Christ, he gave this message to all Christians to live in peace together with everyone and have a feeling of forgiveness towards each other.

On this day Christians living in different regions of the world go to church and pray standing in front of Lord Jesus and take a pledge to follow the path shown by him. Good Friday is also known as Black Friday, Great Friday and Holy Friday.

history of good friday

It is believed that Jesus Messiah was preaching for the welfare of human life by removing the darkness of injustice, extreme luxury and ignorance. Hearing his teachings, people accepted him as God. Jesus Messiah used to call himself the son of God, but some fundamentalist religious leaders did not like this teaching of Jesus Christ. He started opposing them.

At that time all the religious leaders started getting irritated with him and used to envy him. That is why he went and complained to Pilate, the ruler of Rome at that time. Romeo always feared Jewish revolution, so to please the fanatics, Pilate accused Jesus of treason and issued a decree to put him to death on Cruz, after which he was crucified with the help of Kilo. Jesus Christ was given the death penalty.

How is Good Friday celebrated?

There is no celebration of any kind on Good Friday as it is meant as a mourning day for Christians. On this day, all Christians go to the church and pray standing in front of Jesus Christ, remembering the teachings and teachings given by him and take a pledge to implement them in their lives.

Since it is a day of mourning, the bell is not rang in the church, but instead a wooden knock is made. People kiss the cross symbolizing Jesus Christ and remember God. Many people also keep a fast for 40 days on this day, while some people only pray.

On this day people also eat hot sweet bread, which is considered to be the bread of the Lord. On this day donations and donations are made to churches around the world to promote social work. On Good Friday, hand-made kites are also flown in the country of Bermuda, in which the mark of the cross is also made from wood, on which Jesus Christ was hanged to death and then it is flown.

This kite flying in the sky is considered a symbol of the origin of heaven, due to which everyone in this country celebrates Good Friday in this way.

What is Good Friday Tsunami?

Those who do not know about Good Friday, they think Good Friday and Good Friday Tsunami are the same. But for your information, let us tell you that Good Friday Tsunami is a different thing. This is not an important day for Christians. In fact, on March 27, 1964, there was a severe earthquake in the city of Alaska in North America and that day was a Friday.

That is why it is known as the Good Friday Earthquake, which is related to the Great Alaskan Earthquake. The earthquake, which occurred at around 5:30 in the evening, caused great damage in South Alaska, in which many houses, buildings, schools, colleges were destroyed.

Even how many people had died. This earthquake lasted for about 4 minutes, which was the largest earthquake in the history of America and the most dangerous earthquake in the world.

good friday message

Through Good Friday, the message of love, respect, humanity, forgiveness and sacrifice etc. is conveyed to the people. No one can match the forgiveness of Jesus. There was a lot of atrocities on Jesus Christ, inhuman acts were done. He was subjected to a lot of physical torture.

Even forts were hammered in their hands and feet. Still, while dying, keeping a feeling of forgiveness for the people who persecuted and tortured them, they pray to God to forgive them. The statement said by him to God is ‘God forgive them, they do not know what they are doing’ This statement shows non-violence, love and peace.

Why do Christians celebrate Good Friday?

Good Friday is a major day for Christians. On this day the Lord Jesus of Christians was crucified and killed.

When did the Good Friday tsunami come?

On Friday, March 27, 1964, there was a very severe earthquake in Alaska and the same day is called the Good Friday Tsunami.

What is Easter Day?

On Good Friday, Jesus was hanged to death on the cross. But after 2 days of his death i.e. on Sunday, he was resurrected, for which he stayed with his disciples for 40 days and this day is celebrated as Easter Day.

How many types of Christians are there?

There are mainly three denominations in Christians, Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox.

What is near according to the Bible, the holy book of Christians?

According to the Bible, the holy book of Christians, committing any kind of murder, not behaving in a good manner with anyone, speaking ill of someone, doing non-violence, etc. comes under the category of sin.

Which god do Christians worship?

Christians do not believe in idol worship. According to them the Holy Spirit is their God and Jesus Christ is the son of God. God is not seen in them.

Where was Jesus Christ crucified?

Jesus Christ was crucified in Calvary, Rome.

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