Why is Ramnavami celebrated?, its history and significance

Sanatan Bhakti सनातन भक्ति

Ram Navami Kyu Manaya Jata Hai :: Our India is surrounded by many types of customs, religious festivals etc. And many types of festivals are celebrated here. Many of these major festivals such as Ramnavami, Deepawali, Dussehra, Holi etc. are celebrated with great enthusiasm by the people.

In today’s article, we are going to provide you very detailed information about Ram Navami. In other words, we can also call Hinduism of India as a festival religion because the Hindustani calendar is surrounded by festivals. The festival of Ram Navami celebrated in India is celebrated by the people of Hindu religion with great enthusiasm.

Through this article why we celebrate Ram Navami (Ram Navami Kyu Manaya Jata Hai), when the festival of Ram Navami is celebrated and most importantly, what is the secret of celebrating the festival of Ram Navami.

If you want to get all the information related to Ram Navami, then this article of ours is going to be very important for you, then definitely read it till the end.

Why is Ramnavami celebrated? Its history and importance

What is the festival of Ram Navami?

The festival of Ram Navami is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Lord Rama. It is also said that this festival is also celebrated due to the establishment of Lord Rama as the ideal man. By reading or watching mythology and stories, we learn that the character of a man should be like that of Lord Rama, due to which there were many followers of Lord Rama in India.

On the day of Ram Navami, all the people of Hindu religion in the country celebrate this festival with great pomp. It is said that Lord Rama was born on the day of Ram Navami. For this reason, every year on this day, the followers of Hindu religion celebrate this festival of Ram Navami with great gaiety and pomp to commemorate the birthday of Lord Shri Ram.

People consider this day so auspicious that on this day many people keep fast for Lord Shri Ram to express their faith. People complete their fast by remembering Lord Shri Ram.

People believe that this festival is associated with Lord Rama, that is why this festival is considered very auspicious and this festival is celebrated with great pomp. This festival is celebrated by people of all Hindu religions of India.

When does the adjustment and conclusion of Ramnavami festival take place?

The Navratri of Chaitra ends on the day of Ram Navami. That is why on this day many followers of Hindu religion go to Ayodhya and take bath in the most famous river Saryu and on this day many people keep fast and havan is done at many places.

It is believed by the people that by observing a fast on the day of Ram Navami, all the wishes of the fasting person are fulfilled and that person gets the fruits according to his mind. Ram fair is organized in Ayodhya district on the same day and every year a huge crowd gathers there. There, many good people also meet in this fair.

After bathing on the day of Ramnavami, people recite Ramcharitmanas in their own homes, people not only in their homes but also in the surrounding temples with great pomp and recitation of Ramcharitmanas. On the day of Ramnavami, not only Ramcharitmanas but also Puranas are read at many places along with it and a very grand event is organized in its honor.

Why is Ramnavami celebrated?

According to the scriptures, it is believed that the festival of Ram Navami is organized since the time of Treta Yuga to commemorate the birth of Lord Shri Ram ji incarnate with Lord Shri Vishnu. Lord Shri Ram was born because of the atrocities of Ravana and to end his evil name. A new religion was founded to destroy the evil and to eliminate the demons from the earth.

It is said that the festival of Ram Navami is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Rama and this festival is being organized since the inception of this new religion. It is also believed by the scriptures that Lord Shri Ram worshiped Goddess Durga after conquering Lanka, the palace of Ravana, due to which the festival of Ram Navami begins just after the end of Navratri of Chaitra month.

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