Yogi Adityanath:: The issue of Ram temple in Bihar elections

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Yogi Adityanath Bihar Chunav Rally, Live Update: The issue of Gunja Ram temple in Bihar elections, Yogi Adityanath said Modi-Nitish duo will sleep on gold.

Yogi Adityanath Bihar Chunav Rally, Live Update: Fire brand leader of BJP and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath have also come out in the Bihar Assembly elections. From today, CM Yogi has started campaigning among the people in Bihar.

Beginning the campaigning from Ramgarh in Kaimur district before Arwal, CM Yogi said that I have come from the birthplace of Lord Ram. In an assembly held in Kaimur, he attacked the Lalu family and the Congress.

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Praised Prime Minister Modi. Discussed Ram temple, Kashmir, terrorism, corona crisis. For the development of Bihar, the pair of PM Modi and CM Nitish were described as icing on the cake. Right now he is addressing the meeting in Rohtas after Ramgarh and Arwal.

Cm Yogi rally: We fulfilled the promise at the Ram temple

CM Yogi said that earlier people used to say that temples will be built there but will not tell the date. now what happened. The promise made under Modi ji’s leadership was fulfilled. Said that Bhavya Shri Ram temple will be built. They will enter Pakistan and kill the terrorists.

He said that Bihar is also benefiting from the government formed in the country under the leadership of Narendra Modi. For the last seven months, the entire country has been struggling with Kovid 19. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced this very well. Free ration and gas was given to the poor of Bihar by Modi and Nitish government.

Attack on Grand Alliance

CM Yogi started the Karakat rally by discussing Corona. Told that vigilance is the only solution until a medicine comes. He said that this grand alliance decided to field candidates of the Left parties on so many seats. After all, what do they want. Does it want to push people in the fire of the Narshap again? Said that there was no need for a special discussion on how Bihar was 15 years ago.

The problem of Naxalism was given by Congress

In Arwal, Yogi Adityanath said that even though Buddha had taken birth in Kapilavastu, this earth was chosen for cultivation. Lord Buddha, after attaining knowledge from here, gave the message of humanity and peace. The land of Bihar is that sacred land, which has given leadership in every period.

It is said that PM Modi did the work of giving ration and cooking gas to the poor without discrimination. Referring to the works of the Center, CM Yogi said that remember, what was Bihar like before Nitish. He said that the problem of Naxalism is due to the Congress.

Earlier, youth of Bihar used to hide their identity

CM Yogi said that earlier the condition of Bihar had been made such that the youth here used to go out and hide their identity. CM Yogi said that people affected by development should not want a government pushing them towards crime and terrorism.

Among the people of Arwal, CM Yogi said that the country is moving forward under the leadership of PM Modi, while Bihar is moving forward under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. That is why NDA government should be formed in Bihar.

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